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New Fist of Fury is a 1976 martial arts film starring Jackie Chan, Nora Miao, and Sing Chen. It is directed by Lo Wei, who also directed Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury. The film follows Chen Zhen (played by Jackie Chan), a young man who returns to Shanghai from Japan to attend his teacher's funeral. He learns that his teacher was murdered by the Japanese who occupy China, and he sets out to avenge his death. The film begins with a funeral procession for Chen Zhen's teacher, Huo Yuanjia. Chen Zhen and his classmates from Japan are among the mourners. When they arrive at the funeral, they are met with hostility from the Chinese, who blame the Japanese for their country's problems. Chen Zhen's classmate, Hiroshi Suzuki, thinks that the Chinese should be grateful to the Japanese for bringing modernization and technology to their country. This causes tensions to rise, and the Japanese and Chinese exchange insults. After the funeral, Chen Zhen and his classmates go to a restaurant where they meet a Chinese woman named Yuan Le'er (played by Nora Miao). She and Chen Zhen hit it off, but their conversation is interrupted by a group of Japanese men who insult the Chinese and start a fight. Chen Zhen and his classmates defeat the Japanese, but Chen Zhen is injured in the process. Chen Zhen meets with his grandfather, who tells him about the Japanese occupation of China and the atrocities they have committed. He urges Chen Zhen to stay out of trouble, but Chen Zhen is determined to avenge his teacher's death. Chen Zhen goes to the Japanese consulate and demands to see the consul. When he is denied entry, he sneaks in and confronts the consul. The consul tries to bribe Chen Zhen, but he refuses and attacks him. Chen Zhen defeats the consul and escapes. The Japanese retaliate by attacking the Chinese martial arts school where Chen Zhen's classmates are staying. They kill several students and burn down the school. Chen Zhen is outraged and decides to take revenge. He goes to the Japanese school and challenges the students to a fight. He defeats them all, but the Japanese master, Takeda (played by Sing Chen), is not present. Chen Zhen goes to the Japanese consulate again, and this time he is met by Takeda. They fight, and Chen Zhen wins. He spares Takeda's life and demands that he apologize for killing Huo Yuanjia. Takeda refuses, and Chen Zhen leaves. The Japanese hire a group of mercenaries to kill Chen Zhen. They attack him at his home, but he fights them off. He goes to a nearby hill where he trains and prepares for his final showdown with the Japanese. The film concludes with Chen Zhen returning to the Japanese consulate for a final battle with Takeda. The fight is intense and brutal, but Chen Zhen emerges victorious. He leaves the consulate and is met by Yuan Le'er. They embrace, and the film ends. New Fist of Fury is a classic martial arts film that showcases Jackie Chan's skills as an actor and martial artist. The film explores themes of nationalism, patriotism, and revenge. It also depicts the conflict between China and Japan during World War II. The fight scenes are well choreographed and intense, and the film features some memorable characters, such as Takeda and Yuan Le'er. Overall, New Fist of Fury is a must-watch for martial arts fans and anyone who enjoys action films. With its thrilling fight scenes and engaging storyline, it is a true classic of the genre.

New Fist of Fury is a Action, Drama movie released in 1976. It has a runtime of 114 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.5..

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Lo Wei
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