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Brothers Five, a 1970 martial arts film, follows the story of five brothers who seek revenge against the killers of their father. The film is directed by Lo Wei and stars Pei-Pei Cheng, Han Chin, and Yi Chang. The story begins with the death of the brothers' father, who was murdered by a group of bandits. The brothers vow to avenge their father's death, but to do so, they must first overcome the challenges that lie ahead. The eldest brother, played by Han Chin, is a skilled fighter and takes charge of the group's mission. He leads his brothers on a journey of vengeance, searching for clues and fighting their way through countless foes. Along the way, they encounter a beautiful martial arts instructor, played by Pei-Pei Cheng, who offers her assistance. The brothers face numerous obstacles in their quest for revenge, including battles with other martial arts schools and a confrontation with the bandits who killed their father. Each brother has their own unique style of fighting, and they must work together to overcome their enemies. As the story unfolds, the brothers discover that the true enemy might be someone they never suspected. The plot twists and turns as the brothers uncover the truth behind their father's death. Brothers Five is a classic martial arts film, showcasing the talents of some of the genre's most iconic stars. The fight scenes are expertly choreographed, with each brother demonstrating their own individual fighting style. The film also contains elements of comedy, particularly in the interactions between the brothers. Beyond the action and adventure, Brothers Five is also a tale of family and loyalty. The brothers' deep bond is at the heart of the film, and their unwavering commitment to each other drives the story forward. Overall, Brothers Five is a must-watch for fans of martial arts films. The film has stood the test of time and remains a beloved classic of the genre. With its thrilling fights, memorable characters, and compelling story, Brothers Five is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

Brothers Five is a Action movie released in 1970. It has a runtime of 109 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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