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Just Buried is an offbeat dark comedy film released in 2007 where Jay Baruchel, Sergio Di Zio, Nigel Bennett, and other promising actors bring their dynamic performances on screen. The film creatively mixes elements of romance, family drama, business, macabre humor, and morbid eccentrics to paint a compelling and humorous narrative.

In Just Buried, Jay Baruchel plays the role of Oliver Whynacht, a young man with an introverted personality who suddenly inherits a funeral home business from his estranged, yet eccentric father, who passed away unexpectedly. This vaults him abruptly from his previous life into the responsibilities of running a business which deals with death and grieving. Baruchel's portrayal of Oliver is done with a subtlety that effectively communicates Oliver's distress, confusion, and eventual adaptation to his new circumstances.

Sergio Di Zio, known for his supporting roles, does an incredible job in playing the character of Henry Sanipass, a loyal family friend and the funeral home's embalmer. Di Zio's character is comical, expressive, yet empathetic, presenting the nuances of a man caught in the middle of strange circumstances and tasked with preserving the dignity of the deceased within the quirky funeral home.

Nigel Bennett is another gem in this film, brilliantly portraying the character of Constable Richmond, a local police officer. As a person familiar with the town's people and their mannerisms, Richmond adds an additional layer of authenticity and locale flavor to this film.

Set in the backdrop of a small town in Nova Scotia, the storyline unfolds as Oliver returns home to take over his father's failing funeral parlor business which is on the brink of bankruptcy. Unfamiliar with the business and town folk, Oliver faces numerous challenges in maintaining the business and soon finds himself entangled in a tangled web of awkward incidents, eccentric clients, and unintentional droll mayhem.

Just as Oliver feels overpowered by his circumstances, he meets Roberta Knickel (played by Rose Byrne), an alluring local mortician with a grim sense of humor. Byrne's character Roberta offers a pleasing balance of dark humor and unexpected tenderness which adds a layer of romantic suspense to the otherwise grim situation at the funeral home. Her portrayal of the mysterious Roberta gives the movie a quirky romantic twist that captivates the audience and sustains the momentum of comic relief throughout the film.

The movie effectively plays into the unlikelihood of their romantic relationship flourishing in macabre circumstances, while simultaneously maneuvering a failing business enterprise, adding to the overall comic drama of the narrative. The unlikely couple soon finds themselves embroiled in a series of unexpected events that combine just the right elements of farce, satire, and accidental mishaps, making this film a worthy watch.

Director Chaz Thorne does an excellent job in ensuring that the film, despite its dark comedy theme, never loses its touch of humanity. His knack for integrating touching moments and emotions amid the whirlwind of comedic sequences truly enhances the overall viewing experience. The movie, despite its gloomy backdrop of a funeral home, tends to explore the humor and irony of life and death.

The screenplay and dialogues are sharp, witty, and imbued with a sardonic humor - effectively balancing the comic elements with the underlying theme of mortality. The film's cinematography complements its oddball theme perfectly, lending a realist yet offbeat charm to the goings-on.

The rapport between the characters feels genuine and adds a touch of reality to the eccentric plot. Each character has their own eccentricities and positioning in the narrative, making them indispensable to the storyline. Although the subject matter of death and dying usually results in a serious theme, the intriguing playfulness of Just Buried keeps the viewer engaged.

In conclusion, Just Buried is a unique movie with an intriguing premise that combines dark comedy with elements of romance and drama. The film is filled with quirky characters and moments of unexpected laughter, all set within the unusual setting of death and funerals. The intelligent blend of comedy, romance, and an array of compelling performances makes Just Buried a truly intriguing and enjoyable dark comedy.

Just Buried is a Comedy, Drama, Horror movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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