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Joy of Sex (1984) is an American comedy feature film that stars Cameron Dye, Michelle Meyrink, and Colleen Camp. Directed by Martha Coolidge, the movie is a kitschy take on the '80s teen comedy genre, where life is taken less seriously and every conflict can be resolved via laughter. Packed with intriguingly hilarious moments that ride the wave of '80s nostalgia, Joy of Sex is an eccentric comedy trip.

Set against the backdrop of an average American suburb, the film follows the path of a teenage boy, Ken (Cameron Dye). Cameron gives a suitably charming performance, navigating the awkwardness of teenage years filled with raging hormones and the unfamiliar territory of the mysterious opposite sex. Bound by a pact with his parents to stay chaste until after high school, Ken is constantly battling not only with his hormones but also his friends' relationships that seemingly do not follow the same rules.

However, Ken's life takes a turn when he meets the alluring and exciting Karen (Michelle Meyrink). Karen is a charming and dynamic character who is portrayed to perfection by Meyrink. There's a certain charisma in Karen that is irresistible, and Ken is captivated almost instantly. However, confronted with his pledge to his parents, Ken's journey through the blossoming relationship is both ridiculous and comical.

On the other side, we have mother Lila Frayle (Colleen Camp), a sex education teacher, who balances the seriousness and hilarity perfectly. Colleen Camp's performance is both admirable and humorous, with apt comic timing and the right blend of motherly patience and awkwardness that keeps audience intrigued. Adding to the overall humor and ridiculousness of the scenario, we get to see Lila's professional life clashing with her motherhood in a genuinely funny chaos. Lila's character provides the adult perspective in this hormonal pandemonium, as she reconciles her educational messages about sex with the reality of her son's teenage years.

While Joy of Sex largely revolves around teenage experiences and yearnings, it does not entirely leave out the adulthood experience. Beyond the humor renderings, the movie subtly raises questions about parental involvement in teenagers’ personal lives and the dilemmas faced by well-meaning parents in managing their kids' awakening sexuality. Lila's struggle to educate while simultaneously respecting the privacy of her son enriches the movie, adding an extra layer to it.

The movie is filled with classic '80s charm, beginning with its catchy soundtrack that transports the audience into the era. From vintage clothing to classic slang, Coolidge subtly pays tribute to an iconic era in every frame, inviting the audience to revel in the spirit of the 1980s. The film’s screenplay consistently provides moments of wittiness, ensuring that the audience remains entertained throughout.

Coolidge's directorial touch paints this coming-of-age tale with zany comedy and touching poignancy. She weaves intricate family dynamics and relationships into the plot without overshadowing the film's light-hearted tone. Primarily driven by playful humor and adept character dynamics, Coolidge ensures that there's a perfect balance between intriguing drama and hilarious comedy.

However, Joy of Sex is more than just a series of comic events. It subtly takes on heavy topics relating to puberty, sex, and parental expectations, offering a light-hearted yet thought-provoking perspective. As absurd as the situations may seem at times, the film pulls off these episodes with a flair for comedic timing and narrative storytelling that audiences can engage with and appreciate.

Joy of Sex stands in the annals of '80s cinema as an engaging romp through the journey of self-discovery during those key teenage years. With humorous undertones, fantastic performances, and a refreshingly nuanced approach to teenage awkwardness, this movie proves to be a classic take on the quintessential 80s teen comedy genre. It serves to remind us of the crazy roller-coaster ride called the teenage years, where every challenge and triumph formed an integral part of growing up.

Joy Of Sex is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 88. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.8..

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