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It Happened In L.A. is a romantic comedy-drama film, released in 2017, that offers a distinctive take on modern-day relationships in Los Angeles. Set in the City of Angels, the plot primarily revolves around Annette (Michelle Morgan) and Elliot (Jorma Taccone), a couple in their thirties who are trying to make their way in the world while figuring out what they really want out of life.

The story begins with Annette and Elliot attending a BBQ hosted by mutual friends. The event is populated by the typical mix of LA hipsters, all of whom seem to have a complicated backstory that's only hinted at. Sarcastic, opinionated and cynical, Annette spends much of the evening critiquing her friends' life choices, but it soon becomes clear that her own relationship with Elliot is far from perfect.

While Annette is a writer striving to find inspiration for her next project, Elliot works in the music industry, hoping to make it big with his band. They both struggle to balance their work and personal lives, leading to strained interactions and moments of self-doubt. Juxtaposed with their relatively stable friends, Annette and Elliot begin to question whether they are truly happy or just settling for the mediocre life that surrounds them.

The movie explores themes such as the nature of love and companionship, as well as the search for personal identity against the backdrop of LA's aspirational lifestyle. While Annette and Elliot both come across as likeable characters, they struggle to find true happiness as their relationship starts to crumble. Michelle Morgan's portrayal of Annette is especially noteworthy, showcasing her range as an actress as she switches between her character's wit and vulnerability.

The film also boasts a strong supporting cast, including Dree Hemingway as Annette's best friend, Moon; Margarita Levieva as Annette's ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, and Kentucker Audley as Elliot's friend. The wry commentary and humour from these characters complement the main storyline in a way that never feels forced or contrived.

One of the strengths of It Happened In L.A. is the naturalistic way that the story unfolds. Scenes are shot in a way that gives a fly-on-the-wall feel, as if we are eavesdropping on the characters' conversations. The dialogue is sharp and intelligent, and the themes of the movie resonate long after the end credits roll. Similar to other indie films, It Happened In L.A. is a slow-burner that rewards attentive viewers with a satisfying conclusion.

The film's cinematography also deserves a mention, with LA serving as a character in itself. The camera captures the city's beauty and grit, from its sprawling cityscapes to the cramped apartments where Annette and Elliot live. The array of colours, sights and sounds of the city heighten the movie's authenticity, while also adding to the rather dreamlike atmosphere that the film creates.

With a tight script and strong performances from the cast, It Happened In L.A. is an engaging film that offers a unique take on modern relationships in a city of dreams. While it might not resonate with everyone, it has the potential to connect with audiences who are familiar with LA's eccentricities and the struggle to carve out one's own path in life.

It Happened In L.A. is a Comedy movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 97 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 58.

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