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Intervention is a 2007 drama film that follows a group of individuals whose lives have been greatly affected by their addiction to drugs and alcohol. The film explores the theme of addiction and the unexpected consequences that often result from it.

The protagonist of the movie is a wealthy woman named Kelly (Donna D'Errico) who struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. Despite having a loving family and supportive friends, Kelly’s addiction is spiraling out of control and she is unable to overcome it on her own.

One day, Kelly’s family and friends stage an intervention in an attempt to help her finally overcome her addiction. This is where the film's title comes from. The intervention is led by Charles Dance, who plays the role of the counsellor who is tasked with helping Kelly and her loved ones navigate the difficult process of recovery.

Throughout the film, various characters share their own experiences with addiction and the impact it has had on their lives. These stories provide insight into the complex nature of addiction and the challenges that must be overcome in order to achieve sobriety.

One of the most striking aspects of Intervention is the raw and gritty portrayal of addiction. The film does not shy away from showing the brutal reality of drug and alcohol abuse. The characters are shown going through withdrawal, experiencing the physical and emotional toll of addiction, and struggling with the difficult process of recovery.

Gary Farmer plays the role of a Native American man named Tom who has struggled with addiction for most of his life. Tom's story provides a much-needed perspective on the link between addiction and historical trauma in Indigenous communities. This is an important addition to the film, as it highlights the intersectionality of addiction and the need for culturally responsive treatment methods.

Overall, Intervention is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged film that provides an honest portrayal of addiction and recovery. It does not shy away from the difficult realities of addiction but also offers hope for those who may be struggling with their own addiction or have loved ones who are struggling.

The performances in the film are strong and authentic, with Donna D'Errico delivering a standout performance as the troubled protagonist. Charles Dance also shines as the compassionate and skilled counsellor, providing a steady and reassuring presence throughout the film.

Although the film is not without its flaws, such as some scenes feeling drawn out or cliché, it remains a powerful exploration of addiction that is sure to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

In conclusion, Intervention is a must-watch film for anyone interested in addiction and recovery. Its honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of those who have faced addiction is both insightful and inspiring. The film's message of hope and the importance of support in the journey towards recovery is one that will resonate with audiences long after the credits have rolled.

Intervention is a Drama movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 91 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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