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In Dangerous Company is a thrilling and suspenseful movie that was released in 1988. The film stars Cliff De Young, Tracy Scoggins, and Steven Keats, and is directed by Rubin Hurricane Carter. The story centers around an investigative journalist named Jack, played by Cliff De Young, who is on a mission to expose a dangerous corporation that is responsible for polluting the environment and causing harm to innocent people.

As Jack delves deeper into his investigation, he discovers that the corporation is not only responsible for environmental damage, but also for a number of other nefarious activities, including drug trafficking and money laundering. In his quest to expose the truth, Jack puts himself in danger and becomes the target of the corporation's ruthless executives.

Along the way, Jack teams up with a beautiful lawyer named Karen, played by Tracy Scoggins, and together they work to gather evidence and expose the corporation's illegal activities. However, as they get closer to the truth, they realize that the corporation is willing to do whatever it takes to protect their secrets, including murder.

Steven Keats plays the role of Paul, a former executive of the corporation who has turned whistleblower and is willing to put his life on the line to help Jack and Karen uncover the truth. Paul's inside knowledge of the corporation's operations proves to be invaluable as they navigate through the dangerous world of corporate greed and corruption.

In Dangerous Company is a fast-paced and exciting movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The movie does an excellent job of exposing the dark side of corporate America and the devastating impact that these organizations can have on the environment and the lives of ordinary people. The performances of the lead actors are outstanding, and the direction by Rubin Hurricane Carter is top-notch.

Overall, In Dangerous Company is a must-see movie for anyone who enjoys a good thriller or is interested in the inner workings of corporate America. The movie serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of investigative journalism and the need for vigilant watchdogs to hold corporations accountable for their actions.

In Dangerous Company is a Crime, Romance, Thriller movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 92 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.4..

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