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Honor and Glory is a martial arts action film from 1992 that stars the martial arts queen Cynthia Rothrock. The film takes place in San Francisco and revolves around the kidnapping of an American scientist who has developed a powerful new energy source. When the CIA suspects that the scientist has been taken by a group of terrorists led by a man named Kwan (played by John Miller), they send in a team of martial arts experts to rescue him. Rothrock plays the role of Tracy Pride, a tough and experienced CIA agent who is recruited to lead the team. Donna Jason plays Jessica, a fellow agent who has just recently completed her training and is eager to prove herself in the field. The two women, along with a group of highly skilled martial artists, including Keith Cooke, Conan Lee, and Richard Norton, embark on a dangerous mission to rescue the scientist and stop Kwan's evil plans. The film features plenty of exciting fight scenes, which are choreographed with precision and skill. Cynthia Rothrock, who is known for her impressive martial arts abilities, delivers some of the film's most impressive fight sequences, showcasing her impressive athletic ability and superb technique. One of the film's standout scenes takes place on the rooftop of a skyscraper, where Rothrock takes on a group of Kwan's henchmen in a breathtaking display of martial arts skill. The scene is expertly directed and edited, and Rothrock's performance is simply stunning. Despite its focus on action and martial arts, Honor and Glory does have a solid plot that helps to keep things interesting. The film's story is fairly straightforward, but it works well for this type of film, providing plenty of opportunity for the characters to engage in thrilling fight sequences. One of the film's standout aspects is its impressive cast of martial artists, including Rothrock, Cooke, Lee, and Norton. Each of these performers brings their own unique style and skill to the film, and they work well together to create some truly impressive fight scenes. In addition to the action, the film also features a number of comedic moments, which help to add some levity to the otherwise serious story. These moments help to break up the tension and provide some much-needed relief from the constant barrage of fight scenes. Overall, Honor and Glory is an excellent example of a martial arts action film. The film is well-directed, well-choreographed, and features an impressive cast of performers. Fans of the genre will certainly enjoy this film, as will anyone who appreciates thrilling fight sequences and high-octane action.

Honor and Glory is a Action movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 86. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

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