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China O'Brien is an action-packed martial arts flick released in 1990 directed by Robert Clouse. The movie features Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, and Keith Cooke as the lead actors. The film revolves around a former police officer, China O’Brien, who gives up her life as a cop to live a peaceful life in the countryside with her father. She gets called back into action when her father’s friends fall prey to the corrupt and ruthless town officials. China along with old friend Matt Conroy and two other martial arts experts take on this corrupt syndicate. The movie starts at a breathtaking pace with China O’Brien, played by Cynthia Rothrock, leading an operation that goes wrong, resulting in the death of one of her teammates. The loss of one of her own takes a toll on China, and she decides to leave her dangerous lifestyle behind, moves back to her father’s cabin in the countryside and teaches karate to kids. China is content with her new life but is unaware of the corruption and wrongdoing of the town officials. The story picks up the pace when China’s father's friends are harassed, intimidated and extorted by the town officials, who are operating like a mafia. The townspeople are powerless against them, and it's up to China and her team to save them. China doesn’t hesitate to use her martial arts skills when she is left with no other option. Soon after, she assembles a team of martial arts experts to take on the corrupt officials. Matt Conroy, played by Richard Norton, is a former cop and one of China’s old friends. He arrives in the town in search of a peaceful life and, in no time, gets entangled in the mess, China and her father’s friends are facing. At first, China and Matt don’t see eye to eye, and their unresolved romantic entanglement adds to the dramatic tension. However, they later unite and use their expertise to take on their common enemies. Keith Cooke plays the role of a local kid, Dakota, who helps China and her team with his martial arts expertise. Despite being doubted by China initially, Da-Kota is a loyal ally and becomes an integral part of China's team. His acrobatic and impressive martial arts moves make an exciting addition to the team's arsenal. The movie is packed with intense action sequences that showcase the incredible martial arts skills of the actors. The choreography of the fighting scenes is stunning, and the actors’ skills lend an authenticity that makes this movie a must-see for martial arts enthusiasts. One of the most memorable scenes of the film is when China and her team take on the town officials’ gang in a barroom brawl. This hectic fight scene is a masterclass in choreography and action direction. The fight moves from the barroom to the street and involves tables, chairs, bottles, and even a pool table. The fight scene is a brilliant mix of high-octane action and martial arts skills, which makes it stand out from other fight scenes in movies of this genre. The movie also has a strong emotional undercurrent, as it portrays the central characters’ internal struggles like China's PTSD after the failed operation, Matt's decision to move to a peaceful town to heal and Dakota's quest to prove himself. The characters’ development is credible and makes the audience root for them in their fight. In conclusion, China O’Brien is a movie that ticks all the boxes of a classic martial arts film. The story revolves around fighting for justice, packed with breathtaking fight sequences and a solid emotional touch. The performances of the actors are commendable, and the action direction is exceptional. Robert Clouse's direction brings an authentic feel to the movie, making it a must-watch for martial arts enthusiasts and action movie fans.

China O'Brien is a Action, Thriller movie released in 1988. It has a runtime of 86 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

Robert Clouse
Cynthia Rothrock, Richard Norton, Keith Cooke, Doug Wright, Nijel, Arturo Rivera
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