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Grendel is a 2007 Sci-Fi Original Movie directed by Nick Lyon and starring Chris Bruno, Marina Sirtis, and Michael J. Minor. It blends elements of classic literature with modern science fiction and fantasy, ultimately delivering an exciting and adventurous supernatural thriller. This action-packed movie reinterprets the epic battle from the Old English poem 'Beowulf' against the backdrop of the present day.

The film's protagonist is Ben Wulfson (played by Chris Bruno, known for his work on 'Dead Zone'), a linguistics professor who is tasked to unravel the secrets of an ancient runic inscription related to the mythology of 'Beowulf'. His character is shown as a likable and brilliant academic who seems to juggle a lot - from an extensive academic career to a complex relationship.

Marina Sirtis, who gained prominence from her role in Star Trek: The Next Generation, portrays the character of the possibly duplicitous Queen Wealhtheow, who's pulling the strings in the intricate game of politics and deception. She manages to effortlessly portray her character’s formidable presence and intellect in each scene.

Michael J. Minor’s character, the brave warrior Beowulf, brings a level of energy and commitment to the role that is genuinely well-received, forming a robust epicentre in the narrative. His gruelling trials against the monstrous antagonist serve as the essential fulcrum to this thrilling narrative.

The titular character of Grendel is designed with remarkable visual effects, posing a monstrous antagonist known for its profound terror. This creature, realized through a blend of practical and computer-generated effects, is a terrifying representation of the mythological beast from history's most well-known epic Anglo-Saxon poem. Grendel’s daunting presence becomes a symbolic representation of the nightmarish horrors lurking within darkness and carnage.

Set in a fictional modern kingdom, the contemporary setting forms an intriguing contrast to the ancient poetry and myths that inspire the movie's narrative. The movie successfully showcases impressive set design and cinematography that lend believability to its world, keeping audiences immersed.

Key scenes in the movie represent Ben's struggle to decipher the cryptic inscriptions while decoding the myriad mysteries surrounding Grendel and its harsh reign. The monstrous terror of Grendel is well-built throughout the movie, escalating the tension and stakes, thereby highlighting the vulnerability of humans in the face of the primordial beast.

The film's narrative is rich with themes of mythology, secret prophecies, deceit, valor, and mystery. Grendel presents a world steeped in the realm of the supernatural, organically combining themes of fantasy and horror with the academic world of linguistics. It drives home the idea that old-world monsters and myths might not be as detached from the modern day as people might think.

The movie’s storytelling shows commendable creativity in balancing mysteries, mythology, and action. While it spins an age-old story, the narrative is spiced up with unexpected plot twists, high-stake combats, supernatural elements, and thrilling chase sequences.

This movie's soundtrack helps enhance the atmosphere in every scene, setting the right tone and mood for the narrative. Given its eerie and daunting soundtracks during Grendel’s terror-filled sequences, the musical score plays a significant role in holding together the film’s suspense-driven plot.

Moreover, the director, Nick Lyon, does a commendable job of blending historic literature with modern cinematic tools to construct an engaging narrative. His direction provides an edge-of-the-seat experience for audiences, making 'Grendel' a must-watch for fans of fantasy and historical drama.

In conclusion, 'Grendel' is a thrilling dive into mythology and history, served with a side of contemporary linguistics and political intrigue. Though grounded in a legend thousands of years old, the movie revitalizes the tale and unfolds it in a modern setting, making for an exciting viewing experience for today's audience. The dramatic encounters, uncanny mysteries, and high-tension battles against an ancient monster make it a fascinating watch.

Grendel is a Fantasy, TV Movie movie released in 2007. It has a runtime of 82 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.5..

Nick Lyon
Chris Bruno, Marina Sirtis, Michael J. Minor
Also starring Marina Sirtis
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