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Free Birds is a 2013 American computer-animated comic science fiction film directed by Jimmy Hayward, produced by Scott Mosier and starring a talented voice cast which includes Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, and Dan Fogler. The film is an engaging tale offering a creative spin on the traditional Thanksgiving story by featuring turkeys trying to change the historical menu.

The central character is Reggie (voiced by Owen Wilson), a smart, kind-hearted turkey who does not quite fit into his farm's turkey community. Unlike the other turkeys, Reggie is aware that the 'turkey paradise' that the farmers promise is nothing more than a Thanksgiving dinner plate. His attempts to warn his fellow turkeys go unheeded.

Reggie's life takes an unexpected turn when he is pardoned by the president of the USA as the "Thanksgiving Turkey" and transported to Camp David. Here, his life becomes a blissful routine of pizza deliveries and television until he is kidnapped by Jake (voiced by Woody Harrelson), a robust and somewhat delusional turkey who claims to be a member of "The Great Turkey Freedom Front". Jake has arrived with the deranged mission of travelling back in time to change the fate of all turkeys.

The pair hijack a top-secret government time machine named S.T.E.V.E (voiced by George Takei), which whisks them back to the 17th century, a period when wild turkeys coexisted with the Plymouth Colonists. If Jake has his way, they will stop turkey from becoming the centerpiece of the traditional Thanksgiving meal by altering its inception history.

Upon their arrival, Reggie and Jake quickly find themselves as part of a turkey flock led by a tough-as-nails turkey warrior named Jenny (voiced by Amy Poehler). Jenny is protective, sentimental, and the love interest of Reggie. From here, the film shifts gear into an action-packed struggle to save turkeys from being the main course at the first Thanksgiving feast.

Dan Fogler lends his voice to the character of Governor Bradford, the leader of the Plymouth Colony, enormously distasteful of the turkeys. The presence of the turkeys and their resistance becomes a nuisance for him and his fellow colonists, igniting the hilarious fight between the colonists and the turkeys.

Despite the humorous undertones, Free Birds does not shy away from addressing the serious undertone about the mass commodification of turkey for festivities. The film's pacing swings between swift slapstick comedy and leisurely character interaction. This duality appeals not only to younger viewers but also to adults, making Free Birds a potential family favourite.

The computer animation in the film is noteworthy, producing an imaginative and colorful landscape reflecting that period's rustic charm. The character designs are also commendable, with the turkeys looking nothing like their real-life counterparts but instead adorable and quirky, increasing the movie's appeal to its target younger demographic.

Free Birds delivers an incredibly unique story layered with humor, adventure, and just a subtle hint of romance. The personalities of the characters, seamlessly brought to life by the talented voice actors, quickly endear to the audience. Owen Wilson's Reggie is instantly relatable and likable with his laid-back persona, while Woody Harrelson's Jake can make the viewers break into fits of laughter with his wacky, offbeat personality. Amy Poehler's Jenny is the heart of the story, presenting an emotional anchor and exhibiting love and bravery.

The film contrasts exaggerated humor with poignant moments of self-reflection, making it an emotional rollercoaster ride. The idea of altering history is not new, but Free Birds makes it a fun and adventurous journey for viewers with its appealing characters and inventive storytelling. The movie is engaging and entertaining, allowing the audience to spend their 90 minutes in a world of charming chaos.

In its entirety, Free Birds presents a film that is reflective of a cohesive effort by its screenplay, voice cast, and animation team. Viewers looking for an entertaining movie featuring a fantastic voice cast, hilarious dialogue, and a heartwarming storyline may find Free Birds be exactly what they are looking for. Whether one views it as a Thanksgiving movie or an animated comedy, it fits perfectly, leaving its audience with a veritable feast of film enjoyment.

Free Birds is a Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of 91. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 38.

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