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Flesh and Blood, released in 2017, is an intense and heartbreaking drama that explores the complex relationships between a father and son, and the consequences of a tragedy that strikes their family. The film is directed by Mark Webber, who also stars in it alongside Madeline Brewer and Rocco Rosanio.

The story revolves around Mark (played by Mark Webber), a struggling musician who is trying his best to take care of his young son, Cody (played by Rocco Rosanio). Mark's life is a mess - he is an alcoholic and drug addict, and barely able to make ends meet with his music gigs. However, despite all these struggles, Mark is a loving father, and he adores his son more than anything.

Cody's mother, Lydia (played by Madeline Brewer), has been absent from their lives for a long time. She left Mark and Cody when Cody was still a baby, and Mark has been raising him all by himself since then. However, tensions arise when Lydia resurfaces and wants to take custody of Cody. Mark is devastated at the prospect of losing his son, and he tries his best to fight for custody in court.

As the custody battle heats up, a tragedy strikes the family, throwing everything into chaos. Mark is left to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy, and he struggles to keep his life and sanity intact. He finds solace in the music that he loves so much, and he uses it as a way to express his grief and pain.

The film is a powerful exploration of love, loss, and the human condition. The performances of the three main actors are exceptional, especially that of Mark Webber, who brings a raw emotional intensity to his portrayal of a father struggling to cope with tragedy. Rocco Rosanio is also a standout, delivering a moving and emotionally nuanced performance as Cody.

Madeline Brewer, best known for her role in the hit series The Handmaid's Tale, brings a quiet intensity to her character of Lydia. She doesn't have as much screen time as the other two actors, but she makes the most of it with a subtle and understated performance.

One of the most notable aspects of the film is its use of music. Mark Webber is a musician himself, and his background in music is evident in the way the film incorporates the songs he wrote and performed. The music becomes a character in itself, adding depth and emotion to the already rich story.

Overall, Flesh and Blood is a powerful and emotionally charged film that will stay with viewers long after the credits roll. It is a story about the resilience of the human spirit, and the lengths a parent will go to protect their child. While it is a difficult film to watch at times, it is ultimately a rewarding and deeply moving experience.

Flesh and Blood is a Drama movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7. It also holds a MetaScore of 57.

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