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Excess Baggage, released in 1997, is a quirky and engaging action-comedy film directed by Marco Brambilla. The movie features the enchanting Alicia Silverstone, the intriguing Benicio Del Toro, and the brilliant Christopher Walken, delivering stellar performances to provide an engaging cinematic experience. It's a peculiar blend of dark humour, action sequences, and heart-warming moments that leave an impression on the viewer.

Alicia Silverstone brilliantly plays the role of Emily Hope, a young and wealthy girl yearning for the attention of her business-focused father, Alexander, portrayed by the versatile Jack Thompson. Emily is a spontaneous and free-spirited soul who's perennially at odds with the demands of her opulent lifestyle and spells trouble with her creative pranks aimed at her father to capture his attention and love. Her mischievous tactics take a new turn when she comes up with an audacious plan – to stage her own kidnapping.

Benicio Del Toro shines in his role as Vincent Roche, a skilled but unlucky car thief with surprising depths. Unknowingly, Vincent becomes part of Emily's elaborate plot when he steals her car, unaware of her presence in the trunk. This improvisational car theft spirals Vincent's life down a thrilling and unusual path he’s never expected.

Their serendipitous interaction sets the stage for a comic and entertaining journey. Their dynamic takes a rollercoaster ride when Vincent realizes that Emily isn't your everyday victim and turns out to be more of a frenzied whirlwind than he signed up for. The duo’s banter, mixed with their contrasting personalities and the unexpected circumstances they find themselves in, adds a unique flavour to their complicated relationship.

Character actor legend, Christopher Walken, delivers a quintessential performance, elevating his role as Ray, a P.I who works for Emily's father. Piercing the screen with his signature style and charisma, Walken adds intricacy to the storyline with his enigmatic character, who becomes a significant player in the fiasco that Emily's planned abduction turns into.

As the film progresses, twisted consequences, surprising revelations, and a complex relationship combine to form an enthralling narrative that keeps viewers glued to their seats. It is as much about the chaotic adventure as it is about Emily’s longing for genuine affection and Vincent's struggles in a life of crime. Besides the thrilling elements and entertaining misadventures, it unwraps into an uncanny exploration of human emotions and relationships.

The narrative, with its flux of action-fueled sequences and comic situations, punctuated with the nuanced performances of the actors, allows the film to strike the right balance between a gritty crime story and an entertaining comedy. It masterfully intertwines the elements of an excitement-ridden thriller with wit and charm that give the film its distinctive appeal.

Director Marco Brambilla employs stylish film-making techniques to keep viewers engaged. The movie also masterfully utilises its soundtrack, showcasing 90’s alternative and hard rock music to set the tone for various sequences. The cinematography of the film is effectively executed, imparting a distinct tone to the narrative and accentuating the vibrant performances of the cast. It explores different and unexpected angles, making the movie a visual treat for cinema lovers.

Excess Baggage is an underappreciated blend of comedy and action, where the extremes of humor and suspense meet in a delightful concoction. It carries forward the unpredictability of its characters to the narrative, resulting in a fun-filled, intriguing cinematic ride. The film might seem a casual comedy on the surface, but a closer look reveals a storyline portraying deeper emotional layers, underpinning the human need for acceptance and love.

Thus, the viewer finds in Excess Baggage a concoction of action, humor, emotional drama, and a heartfelt narrative that leave a lasting impression. This film demonstrates that, sometimes, proverbial excess baggage can lead to unexpected, thrilling adventures. This 1997 film, with its distinct style and unconventional storyline, offers more than your typical comedy-action flick, making it a must-watch for lovers of the genre.

Excess Baggage is a Action, Comedy, Crime movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 98 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 34.

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