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Down in the Valley is a provocative and intriguing drama that premiered in 2005, starring Edward Norton, Evan Rachel Wood, and David Morse. This unique narrative unfolds in the contemporary San Fernando Valley but somehow exudes a reminiscent atmosphere of an old western tale. Directed and written by David Jacobson, the film brilliantly intertwines romance, family dynamics, suspense, and unique twists, while also dealing with serious themes such as mental illness and obsession.

Edward Norton, in one of his finest performances, stars as Harlan, a charmingly eccentric cowboy who is oddly planted in the modern backdrop of the San Fernando Valley, California. Norton's character is surreal and out-of-place, a man who believes he was born in the wrong era and is still living out fantasies from another time. He sports a cowboy hat, boots, and an archaic stance of heroism that simply does not reconcile with his actual environment, which is far from the prairies of the Wild West. Yet, even with these peculiarities, Norton manages to evoke a certain depth of ambiguity and intrigue around Harlan, offering audiences an enigmatic figure to dissect.

Evan Rachel Wood plays Tobe, a rebellious teenager longing for something or someone to break the monotonous cycle of her suburban life. Feeling confined and disconnected in her picturesque home environment, Tobe is soon drawn to Harlan's unconventional charm and old-world charisma. The evolution of their relationship serves as one of the main focuses of the narrative and presents an almost poetic contrast between their distinctly different world views. Their romance is both spontaneous and complex, leaving viewers to ponder the dangerous allure of enigmatic strangers and the reckless vitality of youthful rebellion.

David Morse, in an equally important role, portrays Tobe's fiercely protective father, Wade. The tension between him and Harlan amplifies as the film progresses, continually highlighting the dynamic between the outsider cowboy and the overprotective patriarch. The rough and raw character of Wade starkly contrasts with Harlan's seemingly serenely odd demeanour, adding to the film’s undercurrent of unease.

There is also a significant role for Rory Culkin, who plays Tobe's younger brother, Lonnie. The innocent Lonnie is drawn to Harlan, fascinated by his tall tales of cowboy adventures and his charmingly different outlook on life. Culkin delivers a layered performance as the young boy seesawing between childlike charm and growing anxiety.

The film’s unique strength lies in its visuals as well. The setting of the San Fernando Valley with its sprawling urban landscapes and sun-drenched hills, serves as a character itself within the narrative. The contrast between the suburban pogroms and the Wild West fantasy is excellently captured through Jacobson's adept direction and Enrique Chediak's impressive cinematography. The film artfully juxtaposes the contemporary urban landscape with moments that echo a classic western, imparting a surreal tone to the storytelling.

Down in the Valley also features an evocative score composed by Peter Salett. His soundtrack adds another layer to the film’s overall atmosphere, accentuating the narrative's woozy blend of the mundane and the fantastical. Additionally, the overall production design adds to the outlandish, timeless feel of the tale, subtly denoting the blurred line between sanity and illusion.

Down in the Valley thus is more than a simple drama; it pushes past the confines of the genre to craft a tale that is both intriguing and disquieting. The performances, particularly from Norton and Wood, are powerful, compelling, and emotive, while the film's uniqueness and ambiguity add to its overall allure. It is an unconventional story brilliantly framed with strong performances, atmospheric visuals, and remarkable storytelling.

This movie is not just a watch, but an experience that subtly nudges you to explore the stark contradictions of human nature and the timeless vaguity of moral compasses. It's a compelling exploration of how reality can be distorted by desires, fantasies, and the weight of unfulfilled dreams. The magnetic performances, the sterling script, and the impressive direction unite to weave a tale that lingers in the minds of viewers long after the credits roll. It's a film that is both hauntingly beautiful and thought-provoking, a cinematic masterpiece that defies viewer expectations in the most surprising ways.

Down in the Valley is a Drama, Romance, Thriller, Western movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 125 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 65.

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