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Delinquent Parents is a classic movie from 1938 that brings attention to the issues of absentee parents and juvenile delinquency. The movie follows the life of a young boy named Tommy Bradford, played by Maurice Murphy, who gets involved in petty crimes after being abandoned by his parents.

The movie starts with Tommy looking for a way to make some money to attend a summer camp with his friends. He comes across a man who offers him a job at his gas station. However, the job turns out to be a front for a gang of thieves who use Tommy to help them get away with their loot. Tommy soon finds himself in trouble with the law and is sent to a reformatory.

At the reformatory, Tommy meets a social worker named Betty Smith, played by Doris Weston. Betty takes an interest in Tommy and tries to help him turn his life around. She discovers that Tommy's parents, who are divorced, have both abandoned him and neither of them wants to take responsibility for him. Betty goes to great lengths to find someone who will take Tommy in, but her efforts are in vain.

Meanwhile, Tommy's mother, Mrs. Bradford, played by Helen MacKellar, is leading a life of luxury with her new husband, a wealthy businessman. She is completely indifferent to Tommy's plight and shows no interest in helping him. On the other hand, Tommy's father, Mr. Bradford, played by Russell Simpson, is a struggling salesman who is barely making ends meet. He wants to take Tommy in, but he is not financially stable enough to support him.

Betty sees Tommy's potential and fights for him to be given a chance to start over. Eventually, a judge agrees to grant custody of Tommy to Betty to give him a fresh start. Betty finds a loving family who wants to adopt Tommy, and he finally has a stable home.

Delinquent Parents is a poignant film that highlights the importance of parental responsibility and the devastating consequences of absentee parenting. The movie offers a glimpse into the harsh reality faced by many children who are neglected by their parents and the uphill battle they face. It also sheds light on the difficulties faced by social workers who are trying to do the right thing for these kids with little or no resources.

The movie's cast delivers standout performances, with each actor delivering a nuanced portrayal of their respective characters. Maurice Murphy shines as the troubled and vulnerable Tommy, while Doris Weston brings depth and compassion to her role as Betty. Helen MacKellar and Russell Simpson both deliver outstanding performances as the negligent parents who fail to take responsibility for their son.

The movie's directing and cinematography effectively capture the despair, hopelessness, and vulnerability of Tommy's situation. The black and white film serves to add to the somber mood of the movie and emphasises the starkness of the issues that it addresses.

In conclusion, Delinquent Parents is a heart-wrenching movie that delves into a topic that is still relevant today. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of parental responsibility and the need to invest in programs that can help at-risk children. The movie offers a thought-provoking and emotional storyline, that leaves the viewer rooting for Tommy and hoping for a better future for him.

Delinquent Parents is a Drama movie released in 1938. It has a runtime of 62 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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