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Dark Waters, a 2019 release, is a suspenseful and compelling drama set in the world of high-stakes environmental litigation. Directed by Todd Haynes, the film features an all-star cast that includes Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, and Tim Robbins.

Mark Ruffalo, best known for his iconic role as Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, takes the lead as Rob Bilott, a corporate defense attorney. Normally defending large chemical companies, Bilott switches sides to take on a daunting and well-funded opponent, a corporation that has a deep and abhorrent secret.

Anne Hathaway complements Ruffalo's Bilott as his wife, Sarah. She delivers an emotionally charged performance as a woman caught in extremely challenging circumstances. Living in the shadow of her husband's fight, her unerring support and unwavering belief keep Bilott going.

Tim Robbins takes on the role of Bilott's boss, Tom Terp. Rather than be an obstacle to Bilott, Terp becomes an unexpected source of support as he helps his subordinate maneuver through the legal complexities and corporate backlashes.

Bilott's journey begins rather innocuously when a farmer from his small hometown in West Virginia approaches him for his help. The farmer believes that the recent deaths of his cattle are due to waste disposal from a large corporation.

Initially skeptical due to his professional alignment, Bilott begins to unravel a chilling truth that spans decades of willful environmental pollution, systematic concealment, and damaging impact on myriad lives. As a corporate lawyer typically defending these chemical companies, Bilott's transition to working against his usual clients adds an intriguing layer to his character.

What sets Dark Waters apart from conventional legal dramas is its focus on the extensive investigation and arduous legal battle at the heart of the narrative. The film portrays not just the gritty legal proceedings, but also the significant personal cost paid by Bilott and his family, which exposes the audience to the real cost of corporate malpractice and indifference.

Director Todd Haynes brilliantly captures the David versus Goliath battle in a grounded, real-to-life fashion, showing the characters grappling not with over-the-top legal drama but with a very detailed and layered narrative. His storytelling is not just about one man's fight but also encapsulates a dangerous systemic issue endangering lives and environment.

Boasting of stellar performances, Mark Ruffalo shines in playing the beleaguered yet tenacious attorney who pays a heavy price for justice, his gift for understated drama allows him to portray Bilott's professional and personal struggles convincingly. Anne Hathaway offers an impressive portrayal of a woman whose life turns upside down due to her husband's unanticipated quest for justice. Their on-screen chemistry reflects the hardships their characters endure beautifully.

Tim Robbins, an iconic figure in the industry, offers a charismatic performance as Tom Terp, lending his seasoned skills to a complex role that shows a different side of corporate bureaucracy.

Dark Waters is more than just a movie; it's a cautionary tale and a rallying cry against unchecked corporate power. It isn't just the story of Rob Bilott, but a depiction of the very real impact of unchecked environmental pollution, posing an immediate and serious risk to life. The film presents an atmospheric and hard-hitting portrayal of a battle against a massive corporation that challenges its viewers' perceptions and awareness about corporate responsibility and environmental preservation.

Dark Waters is an intense cocktail of compelling performances, intricate legal battles, and an unnerving truth that keeps viewers hooked. It's a dramatic spectacle that's hard to forget and pushes the boundaries of environmental legal drama in cinema, with an ensemble cast delivering commendable performances. Its strength lies in not just the storytelling, but also its ability to reflect on a problem still prevalent in our society today.

In sum, Dark Waters resides in a unique niche of cinema that balances fact-based drama, gripping subject matter, and stellar acting. It illuminates the real-life consequences of environmental negligence while also offering a tense and emotionally impactful narrative, making it a must-watch for fans of legal dramas and truthful cinema.

Dark Waters is a Drama, Thriller movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 126 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 73.

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