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Crown Vic is a dramatic and engaging 2019 crime thriller movie written and directed by Joel Souza, starring Thomas Jane, Luke Kleintank, and Josh Hopkins. The film’s name Crown Vic comes from the Ford Crown Victoria, the most common police interceptor vehicle in North America. The film, while compact and intense, goes way beyond the superficial police drama and dives deep into the gritty reality of law enforcement and the intense trials a police officer has to face, all over the course of one momentous night.

Veteran LAPD officer Ray Mandel, portrayed by the versatile Thomas Jane, partners for the night with young, idealistic rookie named Nick Holland, played by Luke Kleintank. Holland is fresh out of police academy and has his own stereotypical perceptions towards the police department. The entire movie spans over a single night in their patrol car, a Crown Victoria, and takes the audience through a realistic adventure of procedural police work in Los Angeles.

The film delves into a spectrum of law enforcement narratives, ranging from routine stops and domestic disputes to high-speed chases. Simultaneously, it also uncovers the moral gray areas, dubious encounters, and dark underbelly of the city streets that pose constant challenges to the ethics, ideals, and philosophy of the city's police force. This duo of policemen finds themselves in pursuit of a vicious cop killer, which forms the main conflict of the movie. Meanwhile, they must also make peace with their individual fears, doubts, and principles about their demanding job and reconcile their conflicting attitudes about what it means to wear the badge.

While Jane’s Mandel exudes the weary tenacity of an old guard trying to impart wisdom to his younger counterpart, Kleintank’s Holland battles his own prejudices about law enforcement, waiting to see if he can accept the dark hidden complexities of his new role. These portrayals combine beautifully to construct a grim, sometimes unsettling, but engaging narrative about urban policing and its fraught dynamics. Josh Hopkins also shines in his role, adding another dimension to the movie's character spectrum.

Crown Vic is a brilliantly-crafted modern-day noir, with a stimulating combination of action and drama that does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to presenting the harsh realities, pressing choices, and disguised menace that police officers encounter every night on their shifts. It renders an in-depth chronicle of a single night in the life of law enforcement officers, spotlighting not just their heroism but also the humanity and vulnerability behind the badge.

The direction is understated yet impactful, with Souza expertly navigating the film's dramatic beats with the precision of a seasoned filmmaker. The camera work is dynamic, almost like a third character, documenting the chaos and calm in the lives of these police officers. The visit of various night-time locales around Los Angeles lends various shades to the film's visual narrative, adding a distinctive texture to the nocturnal landscape that sets a unique backdrop to this tense police drama.

Even though it is an era of high-octane blockbusters and CGI-enhanced thrillers, Crown Vic stands out with its raw vibes, unadorned storytelling, gritty action sequences, and stunning performances. The atmospheric tension is maintained effectively throughout the movie, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The movie does not shy away from showcasing the unvarnished truths of a cop's life, making it resonate with audiences who appreciate character-driven narratives.

Crown Vic may not be in one's easiest movie-watching experiences, given its authentic portrayal of a cop's life. However, it still manages to offer a gratifying viewing experience for those who enjoy action, suspense, and emotional depth in their movietime.

In conclusion, Crown Vic is a gritty, riveting exploration of the life of police officers over a tumultuous night in Los Angeles. The fantastic performances of the actors, the engaging script, and the realistic portrayal of police life make Crown Vic a must-watch for anyone who appreciates well-executed crime thrillers. The movie takes you on a journey, navigating different alleys of the human psyche, and leaves you reflecting on the dark yet compelling world of those who are sworn to protect it.

Crown Vic is a Crime, Drama, Action movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 110 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 47.

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