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Complicity, released in 2000, is a brooding, dark, and thought-provoking film that took the cinematic stages by storm. Directed by Gavin Millar, this movie is an enigmatic adaption of Iain Banks's novel, starring a captivating line-up of actors including Jonny Lee Miller, Brian Cox, and Keeley Hawes.

Jonny Lee Miller leads the ensemble as Cameron Colley, a Scottish journalist who finds himself in deep water trying to stay afloat between the truth and his values. Miller deftly captures an enigmatic balance between being introspective and proactive, allowing his character to feature both as a spectator and an active participant in the unfolding of events. Melding together the spheres of journalism and crime, the movie suspends the audience in a constant state of suspense, where uncertainty reigns supreme, and the audience is led through major character arcs that keep them hooked.

Brian Cox brilliantly portrays the character of a pragmatic police inspector, whose calculated mind and sheer determination to solve the baffling crimes adds an engrossing depth to the story. Cox’s seasoned acting prowess lends credibility and authenticity to the story's investigative backdrop, as he pieces together the fragmented clues to reveal a bigger picture.

Keeley Hawes, as Yvonne, brings to light the elements of romance and emotional vulnerability in the plot. She adequately portrays a woman tangled between her professional obligations and personal interests, offering buffs a genuinely humane perspective amidst all the erstwhile chaos and ambiguity.

Set in the backdrop of the historic city of Scotland, the plot weaves in real-world locations to create an atmosphere of palpable tension. Diving deep into the world of unscrupulous politicians and corporate moguls, Complicity delves into the complex narrative around Colley, who Chance finds himself on the receiving line of a series of anonymous phone calls. Simultaneously, a serial killer is on the loose, enacting justice where the law has failed. A series of disturbing crimes begin to unfold that share a similar and uncanny pattern.

Colley is drawn towards the crimes like a moth to a flame, intrigued by the vigilante's need to serve justice to victims failed by the system. In a twisted turn of events, he finds a root connecting all the crimes. His extensive coverage starts attracting unwanted attention from the authorities leading to suspicion and intrigue. As Colley is gradually embroiled in the investigation due to his unexpected involvement, his own sense of right and wrong becomes blurry.

Complicity uses a mix of complex character development, chilling revelations, and mysterious undertones to keep the audience guessing about the next scene. It captures the essence of a society that is marred by injustice, hinting at the failure of institutional authorities to uphold the law. The movie presents disturbing truths about the world of corporate emissions, technological privacy breaches, and political corruption, neatly tied into a storyline that touches a range of subjects.

Its cinematic experience is further heightened by haunting background scores that enhance the movie's overall dark tone. Despite its grim undertone, the film leaves continuously questioning the power structure's status quo, shining a light on justice, corruption, and power-play in our society. Boasting of a compelling storyline involving intrigue, investigation, moral dilemmas, and layered character dynamics, Complicity is a cinematic marvel that inquisitive minds would find intriguing.

Complicity strikes just the right balance, cleverly alternating between fast-paced journalistic mystery and textured character-driven contemplative moments. It poses several existential questions embodying humanity's moral compass, making the viewer ponder upon the very fabric and definition of justice. The climax is a crescendo, full of looming tension and unforeseen, frantic revelations.

In conclusion, Complicity is not just a movie, but a thrilling journey of suspense, introspection, and moral conundrums. Between the labyrinthine plot, the multi-faceted characters, and the ominous ambiance, it gradually unveils a tale that blurs the lines between right and wrong, leading to the question of what lengths one would go to uphold justice. It's a compelling watch for anyone interested in crime thrillers that push the boundaries of conventional storytelling.

Complicity is a Thriller, Romance movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.8..

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