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Passion is a 2012 psychological thriller directed by Brian De Palma, starring Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace and Karoline Herfurth. The film is a modernized remake of the 2010 French film Love Crime, with added twists and turns that will leave the audience on the edge of their seats, punctuated by De Palma's signature stylized blend of suspense and psychoanalysis.

The brilliant performances by Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace take the center stage as they portray characters caught in a labyrinth of power dynamics and manipulation. Rachel McAdams, known for her roles in cult classics like The Notebook and Mean Girls, brilliantly subverts expectations with her role as Christine Stanford, director of an international advertising firm. McAdams’ character is a perfect blend of charm and ruthlessness. Her polished exterior hides a wickedly manipulative character who will use anyone to achieve her ambitions.

Noomi Rapace, known for her powerful performance in the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series, plays Isabelle James, the ambitious protegee of Stanford. Rapace’s subtle yet strong performance evokes empathy as a talented worker getting sucked into the Machiavellian power play of the corporate world. Her character shatters from being a faithful, trustful employee to one driven by revenge as she maneuvers through the unfolding tangle of deceit and desire.

Karoline Herfurth, a German actress, brings a different dynamic to the mix by playing the role of Dani, Isabelle's assistant and dear friend. Her character gradually slips into collateral damage in the dangerous game played by the main characters.

The film’s plot unfolds in the viciously competitive world of advertising in Europe. Christine uses her protegee Isabelle’s creativity to climb the rungs of corporate success, often taking credit for Isabelle’s innovative ideas. Yet, she portrays herself as a mentor to Isabelle, invoking a complex love-hate relationship between the two. A modern-day exploration of corporate power games combines with psycho-sexual dynamics to create a narrative replete with unexpected twists.

Despite the contemporary corporate setting of Passion, its true spirit lies in its exploration of psychological manipulation, ambition, and revanchist feelings. The movie adopts the classic film-noir features of double-crossing, betrayal, and a highly sexualized narrative, but with a quintessential De Palma twist that lends a modern perspective to these traditional elements. The focus is less on the actual corporate world and more on uncovering the dark facets of power and ambition in a highly-competitive environment.

De Palma’s direction and cinematography are striking aspects of Passion. Throughout the film, he uses lighting to highlight the characters' sudden shifts from reality to fantasy, creating an eerie, dreamlike atmosphere that amplifies the tension. De Palma's signature split-screens and point-of-view shots make the viewing experience immersive yet disorienting, mirroring the emotional turmoil of the characters. His meticulous work in plotting the storyline and unveiling the layers of his characters contributes to an unpredictable climax.

Another notable aspect of Passion is its haunting score by Pino Donaggio, a long-time collaborator of De Palma's. His soundtrack’s brooding, suspenseful undertones reflect the increasing tension in the movie's plot, playing a crucial role in sustaining the suspense throughout the movie.

In conclusion, Passion is a movie that can initially come across as an exploration of the professional dynamics in a corporate setting. However, it quickly spirals into a deeply psychological, emotional thriller showcasing intricate human relationships. The film's gripping narrative, coupled with mesmerizing performances and exquisite cinematography, make it an experience that leaves you contemplating long after the credits roll. Above all, Passion stands out as a classic De Palma Film - visually enticing, narrative-rich and edgy, a worthy addition to any thriller aficionado's watchlist.

Passion is a Thriller, Drama, Crime, Mystery movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 54.

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