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Comandante is an engrossing 2003 documentary film directed by renowned filmmaker, Oliver Stone. This unique film features the powerful and enigmatic figure, Fidel Castro, who was one of the most widely recognized figures of the 20th century, as he commanded the state of Cuba for almost five decades. Unlike other Hollywood productions, the film doesn't star traditional actors but is a deep-dive interview with the late Cuban leader himself. Along with Oliver Stone, Juanita Vera also makes an appearance in the film.

The project bears Oliver Stone's distinctive mark, known for his compelling storytelling and unabashed examination of controversial figures and events. Throughout the film, Stone pushes Castro to discuss topics that were heretofore off-limits, such as the widespread poverty in Cuba, the suppression of basic human rights, the tumultuous U.S.-Cuba relations, and the isolated nation's resilience and survival under the looming threat of American hostility and amid economic sanctions.

The film presents an unprecedented portrait of Fidel Castro, a leader who, in his time, ignited as much admiration as criticism. The feature presents him not just as a political figure, but as a passionate speaker and thinker, a father, a leader loved by his people, and a man committed to his ideology. Backed by extraordinary access granted by Castro himself, Stone navigates the complicated intricacies of the Cuban government, its politics, and its relationship with the world.

Comandante offers more than a simple question-and-answer delivery; it knits an intricate narrative through filmed interviews conducted over three days, linking them with archival footage from different periods of Castro's time in office. Throughout the 99-minute run, it grabs the viewer's attention and invites them to delve deeper into the labyrinthine past of the Caribbean nation from the lens of its charismatic leader.

To take a controversial figure like Fidel Castro, present him raw, unfiltered, and in his own words is no less than avant-garde filmmaking, even by 21st-century standards. Stone captures the strength of character that Castro brought to his leadership, his seeming omnipresence, and his relentless energy, even in advancing years. Moreover, he elicits candid insight into Castro's personal life, reveling in archived footage showcasing beautifully tragic vignettes of Cuba's recent past.

Oliver Stone's Comandante realigns the viewer's focus from Castro's infamous reputation in Western media and towards his human side. It is a stark and candid portrait that shows Castro as more than the cigar-smoking, military fatigues-wearing revolutionary tyrant, but an intellectual commander with a softer side and complex layers of personality that are obscured by Western media's caricature-like representation.

Alongside the compelling narrative and unforgettable imagery, the technical aspects of Comandante deserve a special note. The cinematography captures the raw beauty of Cuba and its people, overlaid with powerful pieces of historical footage that contextualize Castro's leadership. The sound design transports viewers to the pulse of Havana and the Caribbean, and critically, the editing stitches the whole narrative together seamlessly and effectively, never letting viewers' attention wander.

The film does not aim to glorify Castro or his policies unconditionally. It also doesn't entirely shy away from the criticism, repression, and poverty that characterized his rule. Instead, it serves as a powerful reminder of the human shades and complicated layers of historical figures that can be easily lost amid political narratives and ideological prejudices.

In conclusion, Comandante is a captivating and thought-provoking documentary, revealing broader dimensions of a man who commanded the world's attention for more than half a century. It is not just a film about Castro or Cuba but reflects on the practice of power, the nuances of leadership, and the complexities of human nature. It is a must-see for enthusiasts of documentary films, political history, or those who seek portrait-like analyses of influential global figures. With its powerful narrative, skillful direction, and compelling imagery, Comandante remains an impactful and enduring entry in Oliver Stone's diverse filmography.

Comandante is a Documentary movie released in 2003. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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