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Clockwise is a quirky and engaging British comedy film released in 1986 that stars the irrepressible John Cleese. It's an eccentric story about a man's struggle against time, the system, and most of all, himself. The film offers an intelligent and humorous exploration of the human condition through the misadventures of Brian Stimpson, the film's uncompromisingly punctual protagonist.

John Cleese, best known as a member of the legendary comedy troupe Monty Python, takes on the lead role of Brian Stimpson, an obsessively punctual and meticulous headmaster of a comprehensive school in England. His life is built around routine, order, and precision. His dedication to time management has garnered him not only the respect of his peers but also a coveted position as the chairman of a headmasters' conference. The theme of the movie is set around Stimpson’s journey to deliver a speech at the annual headmasters' conference in Norwich.

Things take a sharp turn when the habitually organised Stimpson finds himself caught in an extraordinary topsy-turvy situation. Despite his obsession with punctuality, he encounters a series of unfortunate delays and hindrances that threaten his timely arrival at the conference. The school headmaster, who is usually an embodiment of time management, suddenly finds himself lurching from one mishap to another. Constantly being driven off course, he desperately tries to manage the inevitable chaos, creating a delightful mix of confusion and comedy.

The film cleverly explores the seemingly trivial yet emotionally charged subject of punctuality and time-keeping. Cleese masterfully brings to life the character of the obsessive-compulsive headmaster, contending with an increasingly absurd comedy of errors. His manic scramble against the clock, combined with his signature comedic timing, add depth to his character while drawing considerable chuckles from the audience.

Penny Leatherbarrow plays Laura Wisely, a former student of Stimpson who chances upon her ex-headmaster in the midst of his unraveling day. She provides a character foil to the rigid, schedule-bound Stimpson, offering some calm and sanity as he grapples with his difficulties.

Howard Lloyd-Lewis has a memorable role as a misguided and semi-delusional police officer who throws another layer of humor, and further complications, into Stimpson's day. His performance brings an element of comical misunderstanding and conjecture that propels the moving parts of the plot further into chaos.

Director Christopher Morahan has impressively created this cinematic farce, dexterously using humor to underline human failings and explore the realities of life. For such a fast-paced storyline, Clockwise is an intelligent film that does much more than merely entertain for an hour or two.

The film's use of physical comedy, clever wordplay, and slapstick encounters add a multi-faceted flavor to the comedic palette, which is enhanced further by surrealism and the occasional British dry humor. It demonstrates how humor drawn from everyday life can be exhilarating, especially when it involves a character going against his principles and routines.

In conclusion, Clockwise is a delightful romp that deftly combines comedy and satire. It gives audiences an entertaining glance at the social realities of 1980s Britain while also offering a broader, more profound commentary on human experiences and time's grinding wheels. John Cleese's sublime performance allows the film to transcend the bounds of conventional comedies, resulting in a compelling masterpiece that is as thought-provoking as it is hilarious. For fans of Cleese and comedy in general, Clockwise is a gem that shouldn't be missed. Remember, just like our protagonist Stimpson, Time waits for no man! And in this instance, you shouldn't let it pass you by.

Clockwise is a Comedy movie released in 1986. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6..

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