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"Citizen Gangster" is a captivating crime drama from 2011, directed by Nathan Morlando and based on a true story. The film follows a Canadian WWII veteran named Edwin Boyd, played by Scott Speedman, who becomes a bank robber in a desperate attempt to support his wife Doreen, played by Kelly Reilly, and their two children.

Initially, Edwin attempts to make ends meet by playing in a band and working as a bus driver, but he quickly realizes that it isn't enough to provide for his family. He decides to take matters into his own hands by robbing banks with a group of like-minded individuals, including his childhood friend Lenny, played by Kevin Durand.

As the group gains notoriety and the police begin closing in on them, Edwin's situation becomes increasingly dangerous. With his family's well-being at stake and a growing sense of desperation, Edwin must navigate the criminal underworld and attempt to outsmart the authorities in order to survive.

Throughout the film, we see Edwin struggle with his newfound criminal lifestyle and his desire to do what is right for his family. He becomes increasingly isolated from the people he cares about, including his wife and his estranged father, as his criminal activities consume his life.

Scott Speedman gives a standout performance as Edwin Boyd, exuding both vulnerability and cunning as he navigates the complex world of crime. Kelly Reilly is equally impressive as Doreen, portraying a strong and supportive wife who is caught in the middle of her husband's dangerous exploits.

The film is beautifully shot, with stunning visuals that capture the essence of post-war Toronto in all its gritty realism. The attention to detail in both the set design and costume design is admirable, transporting the audience back in time to the 1950s.

In addition to its captivating storytelling, "Citizen Gangster" raises thought-provoking questions about societal norms and the lengths that people will go to in order to provide for their families. The film also touches on themes of redemption and the consequences of our actions, leaving the audience with much to consider long after the credits roll.

Overall, "Citizen Gangster" is a riveting crime drama that boasts strong performances and a compelling story. Fans of the genre, as well as those interested in true crime tales, are sure to find much to appreciate in this well-crafted film.

Citizen Gangster is a Crime, Drama movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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