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CBGB is a biographical drama film released in 2013 that showcases the origin and early success of the famous New York punk nightclub CBGB.

The film takes place in the 1970s when New York was known for its punk rock movement. The story follows Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman), an aspiring businessman who decides to open a new music club called CBGB in the run-down area of the Bowery. Faced with financial difficulties, Hilly is forced to work extra hard to ensure the success of the club. He is committed to showcasing up-and-coming bands who would not have otherwise been given the chance to perform.

As Hilly works hard to get the club off the ground, we are introduced to some of the key figures in the punk rock music scene. Artists such as The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, and Patti Smith perform at CBGB, with many of their early performances being shown in the film. Each of these key players has a scene or two in the movie, showing their raw talent and their desire to become successful in the music industry.

The film also focuses on the hardships and struggles of most of the bands. These performers were often young and broke with little to no support. They were seen by many as outcasts, and CBGB was one place they could call home. The film portrays the often-gritty life of these artists in order to shine a realistic light on the punk rock scene.

Another key character in the film is Hilly's daughter Lisa (Ashley Greene), who is initially distant from her father but eventually becomes a key supporter of his drive to keep CBGB open. We also meet his girlfriend, Kristal (Stana Katic), who is always pushing Hilly to keep the club open and has an important role in the final scene of the movie.

As the movie reaches its climax, Hilly is faced with a difficult decision. CBGB has become a focal point for the punk rock movement, but the club is up against eviction. Will Hilly stand up for the artists he has helped, or will he lose the battle and shut down the club? The final scenes show Hilly and his team of supporters fighting against the eviction and attempting to keep CBGB open.

CBGB is a character-driven movie that focuses on the people who made the club what it was. The film is well written and, for the most part, historically accurate. CBGB was known for its no-frills attitude, a place where an artist could perform without any glitz and glamour. The film captures this, showcasing the raw talent of the performers and their desire to make it in the industry.

The acting in CBGB is exceptional, with Alan Rickman shining as Hilly Kristal. He gives a masterful performance as the somewhat eccentric owner of CBGB. Malin Akerman takes on the role of Blondie's Deborah Harry convincingly, and Justin Bartha as The Dead Boys' lead singer, Stiv Bators, is equally impressive. Ashley Greene's portrayal of Hilly's daughter, Lisa, is also noteworthy.

The film is directed by Randall Miller, who does a fantastic job at bringing the era to life. Miller has created a movie that pays homage to the legendary music scene that CBGB was famous for. He captures the spirit of the place, showing both the passion and enthusiasm of the bands as well as the seediness of the area.

It's worth noting that the soundtrack of the film is exceptional, with classic punk rock tunes by the likes of The Ramones, The Dead Boys, The Police, Blondie, and Talking Heads. The music is an integral part of the movie and perfectly captures the mood of the era.

In conclusion, CBGB is an excellent biographical drama film that showcases one of the most iconic music clubs of all time. The movie captures the spirit of the era and showcases the raw talent and energy of the punk rock scene in the 1970s. It's well-written, well-acted, and has a fantastic soundtrack. Highly recommended for music lovers and those interested in the history of punk rock music.

CBGB is a Drama, Music movie released in 2013. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 30.

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