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Big Kill is a 2019 western action thriller directed by Scott Martin and featuring stars Jason Patric, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Christoph Sanders. The film is an intense mix of drama, action, suspense, and unnerving western landscapes that reels you into a vivid depiction of the wild west. Set in the late 19th-century, the movie involves a series of riveting adventures in Big Kill, a desolate, morally bankrupt town located somewhere in the sprawling southwestern desert of the United States.

The movie revolves around the story of three diverse personalities - Jim, an innocent preacher; Jake, a gambling enthusiast; and Travis, a rogue gunslinger. Jim, played by Christoph Sanders, leaves the comfort of his home in the East to go to the West in search of his missing brother. Meanwhile, Jake (Clint Hummel) and Travis (Scott Martin), two misfit gamblers with the fear of commitment and a knack for trouble, find themselves in a precarious situation when they cross paths with a dangerous outlaw, which forces them to flee and head West. Destiny contrives to bring these three men together in Big Kill, a ghost town where their lives take an unforeseen turn.

Jason Patric shines in his role as a stoic, mysterious gunslinger Johnny Kane, a man with a dark past who is now the town's reluctant savior. His character's complexity is central to the narrative, adding a significant element of intrigue and thrill. Patric's portrayal of a brooding antihero reinforces the chaos and lawlessness of the wild west, adding to the film's dark, gritty vibe.

Lou Diamond Phillips plays the role of the town's menacing gunslinger and sheriff, Morales. Morales is a character that perfectly personifies the raw violence and immorality that has gripped Big Kill. His cruel demeanor and unapologetic brutality are the basic elements that propel the intense drama and conflict in the story.

The film predominantly centers on the evolving dynamics between these characters and their individual journey towards redemption, survival and the pursuit of their own personal agenda. One of the underlying themes running throughout the movie is the classic western trope of the struggle between good and evil. It also delves into the existential crises of the main characters, allowing audiences to explore their depths and complexities.

Various elements of western folklore are evident throughout the movie - the desolate ghost town, lawless gunslingers, shady saloons, polished revolvers, duels at high noon, and intense horseback chases - all of which are depicted against a backdrop of stunning, desolate landscapes. These elements give the film a heightened sense of authenticity.

There is a palpable sense of suspense and unpredictability as the plot unfolds. The intense gunfights, the personal struggles of the characters, and the emphasis on intricate details of the era keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Directed by Scott Martin, the film's iconic western shots, interspersed with gritty action scenes, brilliantly captures the essence of the wild west and lends a unique mood to the unfolding narrative.

Furthermore, Big Kill also encapsulates a subtle commentary on human vulnerability and the desolation brought by greed, power, and uncontrollable ambition. The film expertly balances bone-chilling suspense with patches of dark humor, offering an engaging watch for fans of the genre.

In terms of performances, the charismatic presence of Jason Patric and Lou Diamond Phillips dominates the screen. Christoph Sanders' portrayal as a righteous, naive yet determined preacher provides a sharp contrast, making the character interplays more fascinating. The tense standoffs, engaging dialogues, and dramatic twists punctuated by riveting performances render a gripping cinematic experience.

Cinematographically, the movie is quite astounding. The treatment of frames, the location selection, and the brilliant camera work phenomenally capture the desolation and the harshness of the Wild West, complimenting the gruff and gritty narrative.

In conclusion, Big Kill is a movie that offers a fresh perspective on the classic western genre. It is an appealing blend of gritty thrills, dramatic storytelling, and riveting performances, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre. It is a journey back in time that showcases the raw, untamed wild west in all its brutal glory.

Big Kill is a Action, Western movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 128 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 42.

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