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The movie Best Mom is an emotional drama that showcases the strength, courage and resilience of a mother's love. Directed by Paul Duddridge and written by him in collaboration with Hamilton Mitchell, this movie was released in 2018.

The story of Best Mom revolves around a single mother named Annie (Krista Allen) who is fighting to keep custody of her daughter Riley (Briana Marin). After years of abuse, Annie finally manages to escape her abusive husband and move to a new town with Riley in tow. However, things don't get any easier as Annie struggles to make ends meet and provide for her daughter while she looks for a job.

In the midst of all these struggles, Annie discovers that her daughter has been diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal disease. This revelation sends her on a frantic journey to find a way to save her daughter's life. Desperate for help, Annie turns to her own mother (Donna Mills), whom she has not spoken to in years.

As the story unfolds, we see Annie and her mother struggling to reconcile their differences and come together to help Riley. They are joined in this quest by several other women who become like family to Annie, including a fellow single mother who provides her with a place to live and a job.

As the clock ticks down and Riley's health deteriorates, Annie becomes more and more desperate. She's willing to do whatever it takes to save her daughter, even if it means risking everything she has. Along the way, she learns some life lessons about the power of family, the strength of a mother's love and the importance of having people who care about you.

The acting in Best Mom is exceptional, with each of the three main actresses bringing their own unique talents to bear. Krista Allen plays the role of Annie with great nuance and depth, managing to convey both strength and vulnerability at the same time. Donna Mills is equally impressive as Annie's mother, capturing the complex emotions of a woman who has made mistakes in the past but is trying to make things right. Briana Marin, who plays the young Riley, is also excellent, delivering a performance that is both poignant and powerful.

Despite its heavy subject matter, Best Mom manages to strike a balance between drama and hope. While there are certainly some heartbreaking moments in this movie, there is also a sense of optimism and resilience that shines through. Ultimately, this is a movie about the power of love and family to overcome even the most difficult challenges.

In terms of production values, Best Mom is well-made and visually stunning. The cinematography is crisp and clear, with a number of shots that are both beautiful and emotionally resonant. The music, composed by Mark Williams, is also quite good, enhancing the emotional impact of the story without ever being intrusive.

Overall, Best Mom is a moving and memorable film that explores the power of a mother's love in the face of adversity. While it deals with some heavy subject matter, it does so with a compassion and sensitivity that makes it a joy to watch. Anyone who has ever loved someone deeply will find something to connect with in this powerful movie.

Best Mom is a Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 83. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

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