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Turnover is a heartwarming comedy-drama movie that was released in 2019. From the collaborative efforts of director Linda Palmer and writers Linda Palmer and Laree' D. Griffith, sets off a cinematic journey that seamlessly blends elements of comedy, drama, and family genres. The film captivates with sterling performances from a talented ensemble consisting of notable actors such as Donna Mills, Paul Guilfoyle, and Carlos Carrasco.

In Turnover, Paul Guilfoyle plays the character of Peter, an overworked restaurant owner who has dedicated his entire life to the service industry. He is committed to making his business successful while managing a couple of personal complications. Falling into the mid-life cycle, he is juggling his professional life while dealing with his marital issues. He seems to be always on the edge, and his stress levels are exacerbated by the unsatisfactory performance of his current staff. On the verge of a breakdown, he decides to hire a new crew in the hope that they can help turn his business around.

Donna Mills, known for many acclaimed performances, takes on the character of Rita, a vibrant, well-meaning woman, and a valued customer of the café. She shares a close bond with Peter. Not only does she have a sweet spot for the food, but she also has an affection for the people behind the food service.

Carlos Carrasco, on the other end, plays Miguel, a staff member, and core part of the restaurant "crew." Miguel’s colorful personality and wit contribute to the restaurant's diversity and dynamism that adds a unique flavor to the narrative structure and establishes endearing connections with the audience.

Peter's decision to change his staff takes an unexpected turn when the new hires are nothing like he expected. What initially seemed like a disaster, unknowingly transforms his café into a hub of multicultural, gay and deaf communities. This mismatched, motley crew brings about an unconventional revolution in his business, bringing his café into a newfound limelight and inadvertently boosting up its popularity.

The film beautifully explores the theme of acceptance, camaraderie, redemption, and multiculturalism. The story demonstrates how individuals from different walks of life and unique backgrounds come together creating a loving, accepting community that forms the backbone of the cafe's success.

As the story of Turnover unfolds, the once-harried Peter finds himself seeing his world in a new light. He learns lessons of tolerance and acceptance, coupled with the idea that change isn't always a bad thing – it requires an adjustment of perspectives. The cornerstone of the movie lies in the discovery of an unlikely family and the realization that despite their differences, they have a shared aim: to lend a hand, create a warm niche, bolster an atmosphere of understanding, and make great food.

Turnover also has an excellent supporting cast, including Riker Lynch, Beverly Todd, and Elina Madison, their well-deployed humor and expertly crafted characters further enrich the narrative. With its unexpected twists and turns, the movie drives a compelling narrative filled with moments of laughter, surprise, and poignancy.

Filmmaker Linda Palmer's storytelling ability is evident in the way she carefully weaves the plotline to connect each disparate character and brings them together in an unexpected narrative arc. Through the journey of the characters and what they each bring to the cafe - their unique skills, personal stories, and varying perspectives - the film successfully showcases the essence of human resilience, diversity, and the power of unity.

Turnover is a feel-good movie that tells a heartwarming story that reshuffles the paradigm of a classic family-owned restaurant narrative. At its core, the movie is about finding family in unlikely places, opening one's heart, and embracing the unexpected turns that life offers. This is certainly a film that will not only entertain the audience but also leave them with insights about life, love, and the importance of community and acceptance in an ever-changing world.

Turnover is a Family, Comedy, Drama movie released in 2020. It has a runtime of 120. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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