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Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a thrilling showcase of Disney's mastery of animated films. Released in 2001, the film presents a captivating story set in the early 20th century and explores the theme of an adventure-filled journey to discover the lost city of Atlantis. With a star-studded voice cast featuring Michael J. Fox, Jim Varney, and Corey Burton, the movie provides over an hour and a half of intense, colorful, energetic, and emotionally charged entertainment that appeals to both children and adults.

The film tells the story of Milo Thatch, a young and enthusiastic linguist and cartographer voiced by Michael J. Fox. Milo works for a museum in Washington D.C., where he is generally underappreciated and his theories about the lost city of Atlantis are dismissed by those who do not share his passion towards the subject. His world, however, undergoes a massive shift when he is unexpectedly recruited by an eccentric millionaire to fulfil his grandfather’s dream – to discover and explore the city of Atlantis.

The adventure kicks off when Milo and the rest of the eclectic crew embark on an incredible journey aboard a high-tech submarine. The crew comprises a group of diversely talented characters, all of whom add their own flavor to the narrative. These characters include Commander Rourke, voiced by James Garner, with his second-in-command, Helga Sinclair, voiced by Claudia Christian; Mole, a dirt-loving geologist voiced by Corey Burton; and Vinny, an Italian demolition expert voiced by Don Novello. Each character has a distinctive personality, which plays a major role in shaping the dynamic of this arduous and engaging journey.

Jim Varney voices the character of Cookie, the crew's enthusiastic and flamboyant cook, in one of his last roles before his untimely death. Varney's blend of homespun humor and lovable roguishness adds a unique flavor to the movie, complimenting the overall story and character grid.

As they travel to the depths of the ocean, they encounter several dangers that test their unity and courage. This carefully illustrates the solid group dynamics and displays their speedy problem-solving skills in face of adversity. This voyage midway through the film introduces us to a whole new world teeming with wonderfully unusual creatures and the descendants of Atlantis living in a vibrant, bio-luminescent metropolis. The Atlanteans speak an ancient language, painstakingly devised particularly for the film, which creates an authentic and immersive viewing experience.

In this utopian underwater world, Milo meets Kida, the curious and brave princess of Atlantis voiced by Cree Summer. The developing friendship and understanding between Milo and Kida give the story a different depth, with romance softly hinted amidst the action and adventure.

Visually, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a marvel. The animation is a departure from Disney's classic fairy-tale style and is more strongly influenced by comic-book aesthetics. The underwater vistas of the City of Atlantis, employing a blend of traditional and digital animation, are nothing short of spectacular. They are backed by astounding sound effects that make the viewers feel as if they are actually part of this underwater adventure themselves.

The movie is accented with a powerful original score by James Newton Howard, that adds texture and depth to the storyline, intensifying epic moments and subtlety enhancing emotional ones.

Despite being an expedition with high risk and an ambitious goal, the journey also signifies the pursuit of knowledge, the fear and thrill of the unknown, and the human greed for power and control. This poignant storyline blended with astounding animation, prominent voice casts, and iconic soundtracks makes Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an essential watch. It is a film of lost civilizations, brave explorers, and showcases strong scientific female leads, ultimately surpassing the usual whereabouts of a Disney movie.

In summary, Atlantis: The Lost Empire offers a captivating blend of action, adventure, humor, and drama, making it an enjoyable watch for people of all age groups. Whether you're interested in history and the mystery of lost civilizations or simply looking for an engaging animated adventure film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire delivers on multiple fronts.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a Animation, Kids & Family, Adventure, Science Fiction movie released in 2001. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 52.

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