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'ATF' is a 1999 crime drama television film directed by Dean Parisot featuring an all-star cast including Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, and Vincent Angell. The film presents a gripping tale of law enforcement and terrible criminal conspiracies, drawing viewers into a world of danger, violence, and moral ambiguity.

The film revolves around the central character, Special Agent Robyn O'Brien, portrayed by Amy Brenneman, who is a member of the elite Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) agency. Brenneman’s character is not just struggling to mark her place in a world dominated by men but also battle the sexes within her agency. Her constant attempts to balance her personal life with her professional obligations add another layer of depth to her character, making her a true representative of a modern-day woman.

Kathy Baker plays Agent Maggie Hale, an experienced and battle-hardened officer who becomes a mentor to Brenneman's character. Baker's character combines both firm leadership with compassion, constantly dealing with the consequences that her profession brings into her personal life. Meanwhile, Vincent Angell plays Agent Nick Adams, a dedicated and loyal officer who often finds himself torn between his duty and the complex situations the team faces.

Throughout the narrative, the ATF team is seen investigating a series of dangerous and high-profile cases tied to illegal arms dealing, terrorist threats, and militia groups. The plot takes a fresh approach in dealing with these complex issues. 'ATF' explores both the human side of law enforcement and the difficult moral and ethical decisions officers must make when serving their country.

The atmosphere is saturated with tension, as the characters often find themselves in life-threatening situations that test their strengths, wit, and most importantly, their integrity. For anyone fond of nail-biting suspense, engaging drama, and intelligent crime plots, 'ATF' promises to be an exciting watch.

One of the film's strengths lies in its well-drawn characters, all of whom are complex and multi-dimensional. Despite the inherently serious and often grim subject matter, the film manages to weave in moments of humor, ensuring an engaging viewing experience without losing its dramatic impact. Independent, resilient, and strongly principled, the film's characters confront personal crises and professional dilemmas that keep viewers guessing till the end.

Director Dean Parisot does a remarkable job of balancing the personal and professional storylines, ensuring that while the plot primarily revolves around the crime-fighting efforts of the ATF team, equal importance is given to the protagonists' personal struggles and development. The cinematography and production design contribute immensely to the story’s authenticity, lending the film a realistic feel that leaves a lasting impression.

In conclusion, 'ATF' is a compelling and insightful drama, offering a nuanced representation of the complexities of serving in a federal law enforcement agency. The strong performances by Amy Brenneman, Kathy Baker, and Vincent Angell further adds heft to this thoughtful film about courage, duty, and honor, making 'ATF' a must-watch for fans of action-dramas and crime stories. The underpinning themes of gender equality and the depiction of strong female leads make the film relevant and interesting, even more than 20 years after its first release. The skilful blending of action, drama, and suspense ensures that 'ATF' is a film that keeps its audience on the edge till the very end.

ATF is a Action, Drama movie released in 1999. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.9..

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