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Amateur Night is a comedy film directed by Joe Syracuse and Lisa Addario which was released in 2016. The movie follows the life of an out of work architect, Guy Carter (played by Jason Biggs), who is struggling to make ends meet for his pregnant wife, Anne (played by Jenny Mollen). Desperate for money, Guy accepts a job as a chauffeur for a group of call girls.

The film opens with Guy interviewing for a job but is unsuccessful, which leads him to get drunk with his friends. While he is at a bar, he meets a group of women, who are actually call girls. The girls are in need of a driver for their clients that night, and after a bit of convincing, they hire Guy for the job.

Guy is hesitant at first, but he decides to take the job to provide for his family. He quickly learns that the job is much different than he anticipated. The girls he is driving around, Fallon (played by Ashley Tisdale), Nikki (played by Janet Montgomery), and Jaxi (played by Bria Murphy), are extremely demanding and high-maintenance. Guy is surprised to find how friendly and comfortable he becomes with the girls, and they in turn become attached to him.

Throughout the night, Guy meets several clients, including a sleazy businessman and a group of bachelors celebrating a stag party. Guy is in shock to see how people are willing to spend their money on the girls, but he begins to understand that everyone has their own reasons for hiring them. Along the way, he develops a bond with the girls, who are not just sex workers, but are also people with their own traumas and difficulties.

As the night progresses, Guy learns more about the girls and himself. He discovers that the call girls are not the stereotypes he had imagined, but rather a group of hardworking and intelligent women struggling to make ends meet. Through their conversations and experiences, Guy learns to appreciate the value of the work that they do.

The climax of the film comes when Guy's wife goes into labor, and he must race her to the hospital while also juggling the girls' clients. The final scene in the hospital shows Guy coming to terms with the birth of his child, his newfound appreciation for the girls, and his love for his family.

Overall, Amateur Night is a comedic yet heartwarming film that explores the lives of sex workers and their clients. It offers a unique perspective of the industry, highlighting the struggles and positive aspects of the job. While the film may be a bit predictable, it is well-acted and provides a few laughs along the way.

Amateur Night is a Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 38.

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Also directed by Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse
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