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All God's Children Can Dance is a 2008 drama film that centers around hispanic dishwasher, Kengo, who is searching for a father he has never met. His journey leads him to a mysterious man, who may or may not be his father, and Kengo becomes embroiled in a world of mysticism, religious symbolism and dance.

The story sees Kengo as a disillusioned young man living in San Francisco, who is determined to find his birth father. His father abandoned him and his mother when Kengo was still an infant, leaving them with no explanation as to why he had to leave. Kengo has always felt a sense of emptiness and lack of purpose, as if there is a piece of his identity missing. His attempt to find his father leads him to Walter, a strange man who could be his father, or could be a complete stranger. Walter is a heavily religious man who lives with his daughter, and has an intense connection to dance.

Throughout the movie, Kengo is trying to both learn about his father and understand the odd actions of Walter. He is drawn into Walter's world of dance performances, religious thinking and hypnosis. Although Kengo struggles to comprehend the motivations behind Walter's actions, he begins to feel a sense of kinship with the older man. It appears that they share a common passion for mystical ideas, love of dance and familial issues.

Joan Chen delivers a memorable performance as Walter's daughter. She is an enigmatic, poetic figure, who manages to keep the audience guessing about her true identity and intentions. Kinski portrays the role of a mysterious woman with an air of piousness mixed with naivety.

Director and writer, Jason Lew, creates a visually captivating and enigmatic story that is steeped in religious and philosophical symbolism. Throughout the movie there are scenes of Kengo dancing in a traditionally ballet, swapping it then for a tribal and primal kind of dancing, that shows an embrace for his father's past. The subtext of the film is built on mysticism, and perhaps even surrealism, which is aided by a cryptic and fragmented narrative.

The story is told in a very intriguing way, presenting unexpected moments of surrealism and abstract elements that perform as pillars for the narrative. The dialogue is minimal and evocative, anchored in the strong performances by the cast delivering a metaphysical and allegorical message, that shows another kind of love, a love for oneself, on a journey for understanding and self-discovery.

All God's Children Can Dance is an intricate and complex film that uses dance, religion, and family to explore the complexities of the human experience. The impressive direction and cinematography, as well as the outstanding acting of the cast, make for a rare and impressive piece of cinema that invites the audience to dig deep into the meanings behind it. The film shows a deep affection for the characters, most notably Kengo, as they search for their own identity and meaning in life, with a deep sense of artistry and sensitivity that serves as a testament to the power that cinema has to offer.

All God's Children Can Dance is a Drama movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 84 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.1..

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