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Directed by Larry Cohen and released in 1987, A Return to Salem's Lot is an American horror film that proffers a chilling reinterpretation of Stephen King's novel - 'Salem's Lot'. Starring the likes of Michael Moriarty, Samuel Fuller, and Ricky Addison Reed, the narrative of this movie attempts to resuscitate the memory of the erstwhile cursed town with its unique trope of horror and mythology.

The film immediately captivates the audience with its protagonist, Joe Weber, depicted by Michael Moriarty. Moriarty's solid performance as Weber - a notorious anthropologist and disillusioned ad executive - is truly one of the highlights of the film. This character, due to his professional calling, approaches life with a studied, a bit cynical, and skeptical perspective. However, his worldview and his beliefs are put to a severe test as the film progresses.

The plot takes a deep dive into the realm of the supernatural when Weber, along with his son, portrayed by Ricky Addison Reed, returns to his estranged wife’s hometown of Salem's Lot only to be greeted by the eerie transformation that has taken over the city residents. His son, entangling himself with all the wrong crowds, brings a youthful curiosity to the otherwise heavy undertone of the narrative.

As he finds out that the town is now inhabited by not so ordinary citizens, Weber is faced with the challenge of saving himself, his son, as well as the girl his son has created a bond with, from the nefarious activities that swath the town. Weber, once only dealing with anthropological curiosities, now finds himself amid a living anthropological nightmare.

The narrative introduces Samuel Fuller, playing the character of a grizzled, salty old vampire hunter - Van Meer. Fuller’s role drips with old age wisdom and practicality, acting as the perfect foil to Weber's intellectual skepticism. The veteran actor infuses his character with an edgy and grizzled charm - a man who has seen it all, experienced it all, and survived to tell the tales.

The movie then sets off on a powerfully impactful journey as Weber and Van Meer form an unlikely duo and plunge headlong into the mysterious and shocking secrets that the town holds. The more they unearth, the more they find themselves standing on the precipitous edge of horror and disbelief.

A Return to Salem's Lot is more than just a vampire movie; it is an insightful commentary on human nature. With ingenious storytelling, it unfurls the subtle layers of morality, survival, and change, arguing against the rigidity of societal norms through the eyes of its unusual inhabitants.

Apart from its solid plot, the film also leverages chilling cinematography to weave its narrative seamlessly. The classic 80’s film style, with its dramatic sepias and bluish undertones, creates a tangible aura of suspense and eeriness, effectively capturing the essence of its narrative. The use of special effects, although limited, is purposeful and complements the eerie tone of the film.

The screenplay, riddled with clever dialogue, is one of the film's greatest strengths - highlighting the character's distinct personalities and documenting their journeys clearly. It offers some fascinating perspectives on classic vampire lore, while also attempting to explore the concept of the vampire society with a more human lens.

A Return to Salem's Lot provides a decadently nostalgic trip down the vampire film lore, with its eerie atmosphere, solid performances, and a plot that is as chilling as it is thought-provoking. This is a must-watch for those seeking a film experience that goes beyond simple jump scares and ventures into a realm where horror meets a social parable’s intricate web, making it a unique addition to the vampire movie genre.

A Return to Salem's Lot is a Horror, Comedy movie released in 1987. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.3..

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