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A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a 2019 British-Belgian crime thriller directed by Abner Pastoll and written by Academy Award nominee and BAFTA winner, Ronan Blaney. The powerful narrative anchors itself in the life of a widowed, working-class mother of two, Sarah Collins, played brilliantly by Sarah Bolger. The narrative unfolds primarily around the events that Sarah endures in her struggle to keep her family safe in a crime-ridden Northern Ireland setting. The movie tells a chilling tale of survival, resilience, and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her children.

Sarah’s life abruptly spirals into chaos following the murder of her husband. Left alone, she must shoulder the responsibility of providing for her young children, while also fending off the ruthless criminals who frequent the grim cityscape around her. The setup of the movie paints an all-too-familiar picture of a struggling widow, but as the plot unfolds, the viewers are presented with unexpected twists and turns that elevate the narrative into a gripping crime thriller.

Sarah’s character is beautifully crafted; she is unabashedly flawed and vulnerable, which makes her journey towards strength and independence even more compelling. Bolger expertly manages to portray Sarah with the perfect blend of anaemic frustration and quiet resolve. Although burdened by the hardships of life, she is a fiercely loving mother who refuses to let anything harm her children, making her a relatable and admirable protagonist.

Just as Sarah's life couldn't get any tougher, she becomes entangled with the dangerous underworld drug dealer, Tito, portrayed chillingly by Andrew Simpson. His sudden intrusion into her life further fuels the narrative tension and quickens the plot's pace. The cat-and-mouse game with the eerie psychopath brings out a side of Sarah that she, and series spectators, didn’t anticipate. This confrontation with Tito takes Sarah on a spine-chilling journey, straddling her everyday existence as a mother and her nighttime life where she battles the ferocious criminal underworld.

The antagonist, Leo Miller, played by Edward Hogg, is sketched out as a truly despisable character that instills fear and loathing in every scene he intrudes. He effectively counterbalances Sarah's character, highlighting her strength and morality. Leo's representation underscores the harsh reality of life in these troubled neighbourhoods.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find excels in its depiction of gritty realism and suspense. It's a tense, nerve-racking thriller with a haunting backdrop of urban Northern Ireland. The landscape is grim and gloomy, which perfectly mirrors Sarah's troubled life and the tense atmosphere that the narrative develops. Abner Pastoll manages to bring out a certain beauty in this gloomy setting, which contrasts exquisitely with the horrifying incidents that unfold.

The cinematography in this film deserves its own accolades, for it manages to draw bleak beauty out of its grim and rugged settings. The narrative’s unflinching portrayal of violence and crime contrasts sharply with the innocent lives of Sarah's children portraying the tragic yin and yang of the society they inhabit. Yet, despite its sombre themes, the movie is interspersed with an undercurrent of dark humour that adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative.

The writers have imbued the script with layers of social commentary structured seamlessly into the storyline. The film delves into the pervasive issues of class inequality, poverty, misogyny, and corruption. The narrative subtly but surely unfolds these facets of modern society, making A Good Woman is Hard to Find a thought-provoking viewing experience. It’s a film, not just about a mother's fight against the underworld but also her battle against the societal structures that continually oppress her.

To sum up, A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a riveting crime thriller that delves deeply into the strength of a mother’s love and the power of resilience. Sarah Bolger delivers a powerhouse performance that anchors the film. It's more than just a thrill ride; it's an examination of a society and a portrayal of life in its rawest form.

The movie is a startlingly honest exploration of survival and revenge, grounded in a harsh reality that may be all too familiar for many. It’s packed with suspense, fueled by excellent performances, and is a tribute to the strength of a woman standing up against adversities. A Good Woman is Hard to Find is an exceptional film that promises to leave you on the edge of your seat and thinking long after the credits roll.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find is a Thriller, Crime movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 97. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.3. It also holds a MetaScore of 65.

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