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A Big Hand for the Little Lady, released in 1966, is a Western comedy-drama film directed by Fielder Cook and starring several notable actors of the day such as Henry Fonda, Joanne Woodward, and Jason Robards. The movie follows a poker game in the town of Laredo, Texas, where a group of veteran players gather to gamble with high stakes. The game quickly becomes the center of attention for the entire town, but more importantly, for a seemingly innocent couple who happen to stumble upon it on their way to San Antonio. The couple, Meredith (Joanne Woodward) and her husband, Farmer (Henry Fonda), are on a trip to San Antonio to buy a farm. Farmer is initially hesitant about the poker game, worried that Meredith may get caught up in the excitement of the high-stakes game. Despite his objections, Meredith insists on staying and watching the game, and she quickly learns more about poker than she ever thought possible. Over the course of the night, she becomes a key player in the game, and her skills prove to be just what the players need to break their losing streaks. As the game progresses, tensions rise and the stakes become higher than ever. The players become increasingly desperate to win, leading to some intense moments of drama and nail-biting suspense. Along the way, the players reveal their backstories, including their reasons for playing poker, their histories, and their relationships with each other. In addition to the drama and suspense, A Big Hand for the Little Lady also features some moments of comedic relief, especially through the bickering husband and wife duo of Meredith and Farmer. Their arguments and banter lend a lighthearted mood to the film, providing some much-needed levity in the face of intense gambling. Throughout the film, the performances of the lead actors shine. Henry Fonda portrays Farmer with aplomb, bringing his signature sense of gravitas to the role while still managing to have some lighthearted moments with his on-screen wife. Joanne Woodward gives her all in her portrayal of Meredith, showing off her talent for comedy as well as drama. Jason Robards also puts in a solid performance as the wily gambler, the character that sets in motion the game that serves as the centerpiece of the movie. Overall, A Big Hand for the Little Lady is a classic Western film that delivers a healthy dose of drama, comedy, and suspense. The poker game serves as an excellent frame for the story, allowing the characters to showcase their personalities and motivations. The performances of the lead actors elevate the film, making it an entertaining and memorable experience.

A Big Hand for the Little Lady is a Western movie released in 1966. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3..

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