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The Amazing Transparent Man is a science-fiction thriller from 1960 directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. The film follows a convicted safe cracker by the name of Joey Faust, who is broken out of prison by a mad scientist named Dr. Peter Ulof. Ulof is a former atomic physicist who has developed a serum that turns living beings invisible. He has plans to create an army of invisible soldiers to help him overthrow the government and take over the world.

Faust is the perfect candidate for Ulof's plan, as he is desperate to get his hands on a large sum of money that he left behind when he was arrested. Ulof promises to give him the money if he helps him steal a shipment of plutonium. Faust is initially hesitant, but Ulof convinces him by injecting him with the serum, making him invisible.

The two embark on a series of daring heists, with Faust being completely invisible to the naked eye. However, the serum has a side-effect, and over time it begins to disintegrate Faust's body, leaving him in excruciating pain. Ulof has a solution, however, and plans to use a human guinea pig, Laura Matson, to perfect the serum.

Laura is a beautiful young woman who has been blinded in an accident. Ulof believes that her blindness makes her the perfect candidate for his experiment, as she won't be able to see Faust's disintegrating body. Faust is ordered to abduct Laura and take her to Ulof's secret laboratory.

However, things don't quite go according to plan. Faust falls in love with Laura and decides to help her escape. Ulof, on the other hand, has other plans. He wants to use Laura as a test subject, even if it means killing her in the process.

What follows is a tense race against time, as Faust and Laura try to escape the clutches of Ulof and his invisible henchman. Along the way, they are pursued by the police, who are hot on their trail.

The film is notable for its impressive special effects, with many scenes featuring Faust walking around completely invisible. The film makes great use of shadows and light to create an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere.

The acting is solid, with Marguerite Chapman giving a particularly strong performance as Laura. Douglas Kennedy is convincing as the desperate Joey Faust, while James Griffith hams it up as the villainous Dr. Ulof.

Overall, The Amazing Transparent Man is an entertaining and suspenseful classic sci-fi thriller. While the plot may be somewhat predictable, the film's great special effects and tense atmosphere make it well worth a watch.

The Amazing Transparent Man is a Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror movie released in 1960. It has a runtime of 57 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

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