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8989 Redstone is an independent feature film first released in 2016 directed by Jay Chapman. It is a remarkable blend of horror, mystery, and thriller genres. The film stars Eric Allan Kramer, Lindsay Bushman, and Frank Ashmore in the leading roles.

The plot revolves around the main protagonist, Jack O’Hara, played by Eric Allan Kramer. O'Hara, a man steeped in regret and driven by a consuming feeling of past guilt, is seen residing in an abandoned redstone house located on the outskirts of Detroit. A high-octane ride through anxiety, fear, and paranoia, the redstone house is far more obscure, eerie, and ominous than it initially seems. The exacting portrayal of Kramer highlights the struggles of a mentally unstable man fighting his inner demons whilst dealing with the growing pressure of protecting himself and a young woman living within his haunting walls.

Lindsay Bushman, known for her captivating screen presence in popular teen dramas, takes on a darker role as the troubled and desperate Lyla. Torn from her typical, sunny Californian backdrop, she finds herself strangely attracted to the gloominess of the redstone dwelling. Her encounter with the jaded O'Hara spirals her life from inquisitive curiosity to one filled with dread and danger.

Fueling the intrigue in the plot is Ashmore's character, a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows, somehow linked to the redstone house and its inhabitants. He injects a chilling eeriness to the story with his veiled motivations and unnerving persistence of his presence in their lives.

The 8989 Redstone house itself stands as an impressive character in the film. It's a manifestation of the troubled psyche of its inhabitants, its mysterious history and arcane aesthetics echoing the macabre secrets hidden within its walls. The desolation and decay of Detroit's cityscape envelopes the redstone house, intensifying the mystery and suspense wrapped around it.

Chapman creates a landscape of deep contrast; the crumbling, desolate outskirts of Detroit serves as a stark juxtaposition to the lush greenery typically associated with redstone houses. This unique setting echoes the contrasting lives of Lyla and O’Hara, tying them together in ways they couldn’t foresee.

8989 Redstone's true strength lies in its ability to continually tap into the viewer's apprehension. The meticulous build-up of suspense keeps you invested as you try to unpick the tangled web of events. The movie has successfully avoided clichés, often associated with the genre, and instead presents a unique narrative that won't allow you to predict what happens next. The film's calculated pacing ensures no moment feels wasted, keeping viewers engaged from the first scene to the last.

The film’s compelling sound design is noteworthy - the pulsating background score co-designed by Michael (Smidi) Smith and Scott Thomas amplifies the mysterious and suspenseful elements of the film significantly. The cinematic yet raw shots of the stark Detroit suburb capture the essence of the narrative, adding to the story's intrigue.

In conclusion, 8989 Redstone is a genuinely unsettling thriller that stretches its suspense to the limit. Every character plays an integral part, drawing the audience deeper into the web of confusion and revealing the buried secrets one piece at a time. Twisted, chilling, and fraught with tension at every turn, it is a must-watch for lovers of horror, mystery, and thriller genres.

Whether you enjoy unraveling complex character psychology or appreciate an embroiled mystery that plays out in a unique setting, this film has something for everyone. Its creators have succeeded marvelously in their efforts to create an atmosphere of suspense and fear, elevating 8989 Redstone beyond the predictable to the realm of spine-chilling narratives. A roller-coaster ride for emotions, this movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

8989 Redstone is a Drama movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 81 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.7..

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