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Land's End
Lane finds herself in charge of an investigation involving the death of two drug dealers.

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Wycliffe investigates the killing of a policeman, the chief suspect being another officer.

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Feeding the Rat
When a climber is killed in a fall, an informant claims he was pushed.

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Standing Stone
A folk band and a local legend form the background to a story of love and betrayal.

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Time Out
Wycliffe investigates when a prostitute's client confesses to killing another girl.

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On Offer
Shattered from the brutal attempt on his life, Wycliffe reassesses his future.

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Dance of the Scorpions
Wycliffe clashes with his superiors over his handling of a double murder investigation.

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Wycliffe is a riveting British crime drama television series that was produced and aired by ITV from 1993 to 1998. A five-season long enigma, the show is an adaptation of W.J. Burley's novels featuring the intelligent and meticulous Detective Superintendent Charles Wycliffe. The series was a hit among Britbox subscribers not just for its engaging storyline, but also for its picturesque settings and gripping performances.

The title character, Detective Superintendent Wycliffe, played by Jack Shepherd, leads the Cornwall CID, a unit of investigators solving serious crimes against the backdrop of Cornwall's enchantingly rugged landscapes, making the series not only a thriller, but a surprise for the senses. Wycliffe is a rare blend of stoicism and empathy; he is enigmatic, brilliant, and deeply human. His approach to solving a crime is methodical and precise, combining a rigorous analysis of facts with a keen understanding of human behaviours, making him a uniquely captivating character to watch.

Wycliffe's modus operandi is unique. While he forensically dissects complex criminal cases, he doesn't shy away from getting his hands dirty. His diligence, combined with his amiable nature, often exposes him to danger as he is not afraid to push boundaries and pursue any lead that may shed light on the frequently concealed criminal activities. His strength lies in his ability to piece together seemingly unrelated clues to disclose the truth, showcasing his exceptional policing skills and intuitive mind.

The series also showcases an impressive array of supporting characters, each intricately woven into the narrative fabric, adding additional layers to the narrative. Helen Masters plays Detective Inspector Lucy Lane, Wycliffe's second-in-command, whose relationship with Wycliffe evolves with the series. Inspectors Doug Kersey and John Nettles add further weight to the character-driven narrative, where a sense of camaraderie develops between them and Wycliffe, forming a cohesive investigative team navigating Cornwall's underbelly.

One distinguishing feature of Wycliffe is its setting in the southwestern region of England, in Cornwall. This territory, known for its rugged coastline and quaint villages, provides an unexpected environment for the crimes that the team encounters. The contrast between the serene landscape and grim crime scenes adds an unusual depth to the entire narrative, grounding the dramatic tension and intricate crime-solving.

The series shines with cleverly constructed complex plotlines and the overall high quality of both writing and acting. The storylines are filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep viewers on their toes, eagerly anticipating Wycliffe’s next move. Each episode presents a new crime to solve, yet the series manages to weave in elements that delve into the personal lives and growth of the characters, making them feel more real and relatable to the audience.

Over its five seasons, Wycliffe does not shy away from exploring various facets of crime – murder, theft, corruption, and other serious offences. The crimes investigated are varied and often deeply rooted in the local culture and community, adding an element of realism and authenticity to the plot. Each episode offers an exciting independent mystery, yet Wycliffe's personal life also unravels, adding to the series's depth and intrigue.

Wycliffe is not just a crime drama series but a comprehensive study of human behaviours, motivations, and actions, as seen through the eyes of its principal character—the unwavering and intelligent Detective Superintendent Wycliffe. The strong characterisation, dramatic narrative, and stunning Cornish landscape make it an excellent choice for crime genre enthusiasts who love a perfect mix of suspense, thriller, and visually stunning scenery.

The series successfully manages to maintain its hold and appeal throughout its five-season long run, becoming one of the most brilliant and intricately threaded programs on television. Wycliffe is high-quality British television at its best, offering a masterful blend of suspense, drama and character development painted across a magnificent coastal landscape. With its excellent storytelling and compelling characters, Wycliffe becomes synonymous with intrigue and entertainment, making the series a definitive must-watch for any crime drama aficionado.

Wycliffe is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 1993. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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