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The Visitor
Webster's pen pal, an adult butler from England, visits to meet Webster in person.

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The Science Project
Webster's very smart friend gets depressed because her science project didn't come in as number one.

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Ticket to Ride
Webster gets a brand new bike, but ends up getting a ticket from a cop.

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The Web-touchables (2)
While his daydream continues, Webster finds that he was ""set up"" by a gangster and moves in on the caper.

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Bowled Over
Not realizing what terrible people its sponsors are, Katherine joins a bowling league in hopes of getting them to help a program of hers.

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Doing Time at the Community Center
Webster encounters a convicted gambler undergoing rehabilitation, but he has an influence on Webster.

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Rich Man, Poor Man
When Katherine's rich uncle falls in love with the leading lady of a theatrical performance, Webster and Katherine's debuts are in danger.

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The Wild, Wild Webst
After being bullied around, Webster fantasizes that he is in the Wild West to take care of his bully.

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Take My Cousin...Please
Webster's rich aunt plans on adopting a boy, but Webster thinks that he's just interested in her money.

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The Crush
Katherine gives dating advice to a teen who wants to date an older woman, but she is in for a surprise when the older woman is her.

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The Election
Webster is in charge of campaigning for a class presidential candidate.

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The Chelsea Cat
George and Katherine find out that their friend Chelsea is a cat burglar.

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Papa's Big Romance
The family supports Papa's techniques with a belly dance instructor.

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The Quiz Show
Webster and his classmates appear on a TV game show.

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The Painting
Katherine is appalled when she sees a nude portrait of her in an art gallery, especially since she never posed that way.

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The Wild, Wild Webster
After being bullied around, Webster fantasizes that he is in the Wild West to take care of his bully.

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Webster is a delightful American sitcom that lasted for six seasons from 1983 to 1989. It stars the captivating child actor Emmanuel Lewis in the role of Webster Long. The show expertly mixes humor, emotion, and important lessons, fueled by the brilliant acting performances and strong chemistry among its cast.

Emmanuel Lewis's role of Webster Long remains the heart and soul of the show. Young, charming, and charismatic, Lewis drew audiences in with his irresistible cuteness and a surprising range of acting abilities far beyond his age. His character, Webster, is an African-American boy who, after losing his parents, gets adopted by his father's old teammate (played by Alex Karras) and his wife (portrayed by Susan Clark) — an unlikely but loving family.

Alex Karras, known for his prowess in American Football, delivered a series of memorable performances as George Papadapolis, Webster's adoptive father. On one hand, a retired sports star with a larger-than-life persona, on the other hand, an inexperienced but dedicated father figure, Karras's role in the sitcom added depth and complexity to the storyline.

The character of Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis, played by the talented Susan Clark, showcases a strong, independent career woman who grows into an affectionate mother figure to Webster while balancing her professional life. This display of woman empowerment, especially during the 1980s, was a game-changer and made the show stand out among its competition.

Henry Polic II, Eugene Roche, Cathryn Damon, Ben Vereen, Jack Kruschen, Chad Allen, Corin Nemec are among the other leading cast who play essential roles in shaping Webster's experiences and contributing to the sitcom's success through their variety of characters. From the serious classroom teacher to the hilarious neighbor, each character adds depth and brilliance to the storyline.

Webster not only entertains but also tactfully tackles delicate subjects such as racism, bullying, adoption challenges, adjustment issues among others. Even though these issues are presented from the perspective of a young boy, the show never shies away from the exploration of complex emotions and moral dilemmas tied to these subjects. The creators skillfully blend these themes into the narrative, ensuring they are addressed with the seriousness they deserve while keeping the tone upbeat and playful enough for their younger audience.

The show preserves its light-hearted charm throughout, but also bears a sentimental value as it narratives the heartwarming bond between Webster and his adoptive parents. The warm and fuzzy relationship dynamics, combined with the hilarious day-to-day situations, make Webster a well-rounded sitcom that's enjoyable to people of all ages.

Webster, due to its widespread popularity, ran successfully for six years making it one of the beloved American sitcoms of the 1980s. Its focus on family values, inclusivity, and the importance of love and understanding often transgressed the standard fare of comedy series, giving its audience both laughter and life lessons.

The series remains strikingly relevant and relatable, making this sitcom a perfect binge for those craving a comic throwback with a tinge of nostalgia. Whether it's the hilarious antics of Webster, the daunting but amusing transition of George Papadapolis from a football player to a father, or the inspiring journey of Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis—a seasoned professional transitioning into a caring mother—the show promises a roller-coaster ride of emotions and hearty laughter.

Webster offers multiple life lessons hidden behind its wit and humor. It still holds a mirror to society, teaching about love, empathy, diversity, and acceptance. The show's perfect blend of humor, emotion, stellar performances, and vivid characterization etch the realm of Webster in the hearts of its viewers—one episode at a time.

Webster is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 123 episodes, the show debuted on 1983. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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