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Jerry's Diary
Tom gets tired of chasing Jerry so he takes a seat and finds Jerry's Diary which he checks out. October 22, 1949

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Tennis Chumps
Jerry gets involved in a tennis match between Tom and Butch when a lot of bad luck starts happening. December 10, 1949

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Puss Gets the Boot
Jasper (Tom) is threatened with being thrown outside if he breaks one more thing and Jerry does his best to make sure the cat is tossed outside.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
Jerry drinks a potion that makes him grow to the size of a giant. He decides to go after Tom, because THIS time he's bigger.

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Little School Mouse
Jerry teaches Nibbles how to outwit a cat.

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Jerry and Jumbo
A baby elephant falls from a passing train and rolls into Tom and Jerry's life.

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A Mouse in the House
Tom and Spike the bulldog compete to catch Jerry because the one who does capture the mouse will stay in the house while the other gets kicked outside.

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His Mouse Friday
Lost at sea on a life raft, Tom washes ashore on a desserted island where he meets up with Jerry, posing as a cannibal.

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Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
Jerry wants to help Tom out as a conductor at the Hollywood Bowl but the cat is having none of it.

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Love That Pup (aka Tops With Pops)
Tom accidentally grabs Tyke, Spike the bulldog's son, when he is trying to get to Jerry. October 1, 1949

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'Tom & Jerry and Friends' is an iconic part of any animation lover's childhood - a timeless production brought to life by the creative geniuses at Warner Bros. in the year 1944. Devised by the dynamic duo, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, this animated series presents a unique, comedic take on the age-old rivalry between a cat and a mouse, rife with slapstick humor and endless chases.

The animators breathe life into two central characters, Tom – the housecat – and Jerry – the cheeky little mouse. Tom is typically seen trying to keep up with his responsibilities of maintaining the peace and quiet of the house, with one particularly stubborn problem – Jerry. The cunning mouse is everything that Tom struggles with – he is cheeky, he is quirky, and he is too fast. More often than not, it's Jerry's unapologetic invasions into Tom's territory that triggers a hilarious chain of events, causing endless troubles for Tom, even turning him into the inadvertent villain of the series on many occasions.

The 'friends' in 'Tom & Jerry and Friends' refers to several recurring secondary characters that add more spice and flavor into the comically violent and chaotic world of Tom and Jerry. Among them are Spike, the bulldog neighbor of Tom, and his son Tyke, the dog duo often serves as an impediment in Tom's quests to catch Jerry. In addition, there's also Tuffy, also known as Nibbles, the baby mouse who is Jerry's occasional sidekick, making life even harder for our poor Tom. Other characters include Butch, Quacker, and Toodles Galore, all offering enriching contributions to the show’s comedic plots.

'Tom & Jerry and Friends' is marked by the complete absence of dialogues, apart from occasional vocal effects, yelps of pain, or laughter. This lack of dialogues elevates the visual slapstick comedy, as the characters express themselves through the animation – every raised eyebrow, every wag of the tail, and every mischievous gleam in the eyes helps to develop the narratives. The show also incorporates a rich variety of sound effects, orchestrated music, and situational humor that add to the enjoyment without the need for verbal exchanges.

The series propels itself by focusing on the inherent charm and comedy of everyday life's situations, yet keeps viewers anticipating even more humor with new, ingenious ways Tom invariably fails to catch Jerry. The narratives often find their closure with Jerry having the upper hand, although sometimes Tom does have his moments of triumph. Regardless, this show is not about 'victory' or 'defeat', it portrays that in life's amusing and sometimes daunting circumstances, both the cat and the mouse are equal in their sufferings and joys.

Despite the comedic rivalry and often depicted violence (bashed heads, flattened characters, explosive consequences), the creators have embedded an undeniable bond between the two characters. At the end of a chaotic day filled with misadventures, the furry foes share experiences that hint upon a strange, unspoken friendship underlying their outward rivalry.

Warner Bros' 'Tom & Jerry and Friends' has remained popular, winning several Academy Awards for Animated Short Film during its run. More than merely a cartoon, it is a legacy unto itself. The series' popularity spawned numerous spin-offs, adaptations, feature films, and even comic books. It is a testament to the universal appeal of physical comedy and the ability of animation to generate humor across all ages - something that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. With timeless humor and everlasting charm, 'Tom & Jerry and Friends', remains an endearing overall entertainment package cherished by fans worldwide.

Tom & Jerry and Friends is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 1944. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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