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Attachment Disorder
Tom and Spike get glued together.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 20 Now

Slam Dunk
The Cat and Mouse are hired to find out who absconded with Hoops McJumpalot's lucky high top sneakers.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 19 Now

Farmed and Dangerous
Things get crazy down on the farm when a cat and mouse pursuit leads Jerry to hide his turtle egg in a hen's nest.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 18 Now

Bones of Contention
Spikes bones are missing and Frankie the Rat is the culprit. Now all they have to do is catch in the dirty rat in the act.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 17 Now

An over protected Spike goes to extreme lengths to keep his precious pup safe from harm.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 16 Now

Broom for Improvement
The gang do battle with a magical broom.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 15 Now

A Kick in the Tail
When Tuffy shows an interest in soccer, Jerry decides to be the little guys coach and show him how the game is really played by beating Tom in a one-on-one match.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 14 Now

The French Mistake
Tom is placed in charge of caring for the Duchess' French Poodle and needs Tuffy and Jerry's help in keeping the ill-tempered mutt under control.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 13 Now

Junkyard Pup
When Tyke is accidentally carried off to the local dump, Spike is forced to enlist the help of Jerry and Tom to get his boy back before Ace and Rocco, the junkyards guard dogs, turn him into a formidable junkyard pup.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 12 Now

All that Glitters
The cat and mouse detectives pose as bellhops at a swanky hotel to catch a jewel thief.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 11 Now

See Ya Gator
Jerry befriends a lost baby gator, keeping it safe from harm until it's momma arrives to take it back home.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 10 Now

How to be a Dog
Spike demonstrates for Tuffy what it takes to be a dog.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 9 Now

The Ol' Switcheroo
Tuffy's wish to be as strong as Spike comes true.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 8 Now

Tap Cat
An old pair of Ginger's tap shoes turns Tom into a tap dancing fanatic.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 7 Now

Party Animals
It's a battle royale over the last box of donuts.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 6 Now

Tom Save the Queen
The detectives across the hall are responsible for a series of high profile thefts and are framing innocent people for the crimes.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 5 Now

Turkey Tom
Tom and Jerry work together to save a live turkey from becoming the centerpiece of a holiday feast.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 4 Now

Ten Toms the Trouble
Tom is placed in charge of the preparations for the Duchess' surprise birthday party for nephew Rupert and Jerry is determined to make a mess of it all.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 3 Now

Tom's Cruise
Tom uses a new fangled scientific machine to make copies off himself creating a living nightmare for Jerry.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 2 Now

Donut Daze
Tom and Jerry get locked inside a travel trunk and end up on a vacation cruise to France.

Watch The Tom & Jerry Show Season 20 Episode 1 Now

The Tom & Jerry Show, aired on Cartoon Network from 2014 to 2022, is a delightful revival of the age-old, quintessential animated comedy. Loaded with fun, frolic, and amusement, this high-spirited rendition presents the unforgettable duo – a house cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) – in a new light, but without compromising on their timeless personalities that conquered hearts decades back. The immense charm of this revived version successfully brings back the nostalgic laughter and thrill of the original creation.

This lively and entertaining show capitalizes on friendly rivalry, slapstick humor, and non-stop comic mischief that rests on the captivating cat-and-mouse confrontations, just as in the original. Considered a fascinating blend of contemporary animation style and the classic 1940's physical comedy, the Tom & Jerry show indeed stands as an animated sitcom that revels in propelling audience laughter.

The characters of this popular animated series are cherished, not just for their amusing escapades but for their striking yet silent demeanor. Tom, the domestic shorthair cat, is vivacious and whimsical, devoted to catching the spirited mouse, Jerry. Yet each attempt ends up with Tom experiencing hilarious failures due to Jerry's wittiness. Jerry, the small yet smart, brown house mouse, remains a consummate trickster, precisely aware of his opponent cat's antics and brilliantly side-stepping the threats. The suspenseful battle between the duo is loaded with unexpected comic threats, entertaining cliffhangers, and slapstick humor, appealing to both young and older audiences.

The Tom & Jerry Show maintains the essence of its classic roots by displaying a wordless script yet effectively emphasizes visual humor and fast-paced action. The characters showcase emotions and enact dramas solely via non-verbal cues, expressions, and physical comedy, without any dialogues. This distinctive style enables viewers, irrespective of their language proficiency, to comprehend and enjoy the adventures delivered on screen.

The core humor of the series belongs to the varied tones of violence that are comic yet harmless. The protagonist pair routinely gets involved in rather aggressive pursuits involving a chain of humorous, slapstick accidents like bashing each other with household items, falling off heights and emerging unscathed, or getting caught in chaotic explosions. However, without any gore, these scenes add a splash of fun-filled exhilaration that sets the stage for a lively viewing experience.

Supplementing the hijinks of the duo are an ensemble cast of intriguing characters that aid in escalating the drama and humor. They include Spike and Tyke, a father-son Bulldog duo, whose appearances intensify the animated mayhem. Additionally, Tuffy, aka Nibbles, the gray mouse, often appears as Jerry’s sidekick and brings additional mischief struggle between Tom & Jerry.

The execution of The Tom & Jerry show showcases a significant improvement in its animation quality, thanks to modern CGI techniques. The characters, their expressions, movements and overall appearance have become far more vibrant, sharper, and lively. These features grant the series a distinct visual appeal, aligning it with the viewing expectations of its modern audience. Concurrently, the creators have tactfully allowed the show to retain the soft, subtle shades of the iconic old-world charm of the original series.

The Tom & Jerry show continues to offer a broad set of fresh, hilarious adventures and story arcs. The storylines are ingeniously designed around contemporary themes and scenarios, yet they seamlessly integrate the trademark chase and evasion formula. These new narratives, combined with the evergreen chaotic dynamics of the characters, breathe new life into the seemingly simple plot.

In conclusion, The Tom & Jerry Show from 2014 to 2022 is a brilliantly crafted, captivating animation show that encompasses a rich array of elements - engaging characters, immersive visual comedy, gripping chase sequences, and memorable events. The series reminds the viewers of the golden era of silent cartoons while managing to adapt to the expectations of the 21st-century viewers. The show serves as both a pleasurable throwback to the glory of classic animation times and a delightful association with contemporary animation trends. The Tom & Jerry Show’s comics, characters, and chaos have tagged along with the viewers through the years and the hearts of millions, creating an unforgettable legacy.

The Tom & Jerry Show is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 20 seasons with a total of 299 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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