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Samurai vs Knight

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Beyond the Bible
The U-17 World Cup semi-final matches continue with France versus Japan. Can Kimijima and Shiraishi beat the aesthetically-inclined Tristan and Timoth

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Feelings for My Friends

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One's Resolve... One's Conditions

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Absolute Away Game

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Team USA, Ryoma Echizen

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The Prince Of Tennis is an influential anime and manga series that adeptly blends the excitement of competitive sports, the emotional depth of character development, and the charm of high school drama. The show originally aired on Cartoon Network from 2001 to 2005, and continues to enjoy a strong following. The series revolves around a prodigious young tennis player named Ryoma Echizen. The scion of a respected tennis family, Ryoma gains admission to the elite Seishun Academy, widely recognized for its sensational tennis team. Despite his young age and relative inexperience, Ryoma quickly establishes himself as a remarkable talent on the tennis court. His playing style and technique are profoundly influenced by his father, Nanjiro Echizen, himself a former professional tennis player known as "The Samurai". The show also follows the supportive, quirky and equally talented members of the Seishun Academy Tennis team, each with their own unique set of skills, strengths and playing style. Underneath the sporting action and tennis strategy, The Prince of Tennis is essentially a coming-of-age story. Viewers accompany Ryoma on his journey navigating the new world of high school and competitive tennis. The show is full of life lessons about perseverance, teamwork, discipline, friendship and rivalry. Ryoma's experiences and interactions with his team members and opponents during various tennis tournaments form the crux of the show’s narrative. The show is visually engaging, characterized by its unique art style and smooth, precise animation that brings every intense and thrilling tennis match to life. The detailed illustrations of various tennis techniques and strategies also help to provide viewers with an in-depth understanding of the sport. The diverse cast of characters, each with their unique background stories, ambitions, and personalities, provide an additional layer of complexity and intrigue to the narrative. One of the notable aspects of The Prince Of Tennis is its brilliant depiction of tennis, not just as a physical sport but also as a mental game. There is much emphasis placed on strategy, quick thinking, and an understanding of opponents' strengths and weaknesses, which add depth to the tennis matches depicted in the show. This realistic portrayal lifts the show beyond the realm of an ordinary sports anime, giving it more dimensions. While Ryoma is the principal character, the show does an excellent job of providing enough screen time and character development to the supporting cast as well. This allows the viewers to engage with and invest in a broad range of characters, each with their unique set of charms and quirks. It is this balance between individual and team dynamics that really sets the series apart and keeps it engaging. In terms of audio, The Prince Of Tennis offers a fitting soundtrack composed of upbeat, energetic tunes that heighten the drama and intensity of the action, as well as mellower tracks that underscore the emotional moments. The voice acting is top-notch, adding more depth to the characters and contributing to the overall enjoyment of the series. Another strength of the series lies in its balance between serious, intense match sequences and lighter, comedic moments. While the former accentuates the high-stakes challenges faced by Ryoma and his team, the latter provide welcome breaks, offering an interesting peek into the everyday lives of these young tennis prodigies. This blend of intensity and light-heartedness, coupled with the compelling character arcs, gives the show its unique flavor and makes it a thoroughly entertaining viewing experience. All in all, The Prince Of Tennis is much more than a typical sports anime. It provides not only an engaging sports narrative but also insightful glimpses into the complexities of adolescence and camaraderie. With well-written characters, captivating tennis matches, and a riveting storytelling, the series strikes a remarkable balance between sports action and character-rich drama. Its captivating blend of high-intensity tennis matches, humor, life lessons, and a hint of romance makes it a show with widespread appeal.

The Prince Of Tennis is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 310 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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Mikako Takahashi, Junko Minagawa, Hiroki Takahashi, Naru Kawamoto, Masaya Onosaka, Yuki Kaida
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