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Twin Tragedy and Family Agony
A boy divulges details to his family about his great-uncle's murder, but the details don't match what the authorities told them.

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Death on the Farm and Parents Who Harm.
Aiden tells his mom that he was killed in a past life by his parents. Ryan explains he lived in a past life where his parents were shot in their bed.

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Drowned at Sea and First Degree
From the time he was little, Seumas had an obsession with large ships, and extreme anxiety about his own death. After Seumas began to describe details of dying in a lifeboat, his parents started to do research in hopes of helping Seumas overcome his fears.

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Child of F. Scott and a Toddler Distraught
A girl thinks she is F. Scott Fitzgerald's daughter. A 2-year-old girl has nightmares about people burning, and a plane catching on fire.

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Killed By A Bomb and Bonfire Gone Wrong
Four year-old Andrew talked to people no one else could see, and told his mother he was killed by a bomb. When Andrew reveals that he used to be a Marine in a past life, his parents are left feeling helpless.

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The Perfect Aim & Killed By The Flame
As a young girl Kimberly constantly played with her sister Sarah whom no one else could see. Her mother really became concerned when Kimberly said that sister pushed her into a fire, killing her.

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Unfinished Note and Attack on a Boat
A young girl shares memories of being a man in the 1700s who was killed.

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Family Drama and Military Trauma
When young Noah starts talking and acting like his uncle, his family is shocked--particularly since his uncle died five years before Noah was even born. When Riley starts to share memories of an abusive father who had been injured in a war, his family is left speechless--especially since Riley's own loving father has never been in the military.

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Wounded in Battle and Lightning Storm Rattle
When six-year-old Rylann spoke of bizarre details of dying in a lightning storm and a plane crash, her mother wasn't sure what to do. Then, she was stunned when she found a horrific plane crash in 1982 that matched all of the details from Rylann's stories.

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Ancient Flood and Confederate Blood
A child has nightmares about being a Civil War soldier while a young girl has recollections of being part of an ancient Egyptian civilization.

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Rockefeller Charms and Brothers in Arms
A girl believes her mother has taken her from her real home while a boy thinks that his brother was killed in a war.

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The Wild West and Tribal Quest
A 5-year-old girl is detailed about her description of her pioneer family living with Native Americans; a boy recalls a tribal rite of passage and displays expertise and knowledge of ancient weapons.

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Silent Film Star and the Man Who Fell Far
A young woman has vivid memories of the silent film era; a six-year-old boy recalls a tragic fall where he died.

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Plane Crash and Sacred Ash
A girl recollects being inside the Empire State building when a plane suddenly crashed into it.

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The Ghost Inside My Child is a riveting television series that first premiered on the Biography Channel in 2013. The show explores the fascinating world of reincarnation through the experiences of young children who report memories of lives lived long before their own. Produced by the Joke Productions, the show uncovers astonishing tales that continue to blur the lines between fact, fiction, and the unexplained.

The Ghost Inside My Child captures the attention of viewers with its heartwarming, compelling, and oftentimes eerie stories from across the globe. The show takes viewers on a roller-coaster journey, making them question their understanding of life, death, and what lies beyond. The central question is how children all over the world can recall intricate details about people, places, and events they should, logically, know nothing about.

Each episode in the series focuses on a new case, and the story is primarily delivered from the perspective of the parents who, initially skeptical, find themselves unable to explain away their children's baffling recollections and behaviors. From memories of being a Hollywood actor in the roaring twenties, a World War II fighter pilot shot down over the Pacific, to an unfortunate victim of the Titanic disaster, the children share tales that are both chilling and intriguing.

The series also employs dramatic reenactments of memories shared by the children to further bring their stories to life. These recreations are performed with historical accuracy and create a visually engrossing ambiance that adds depth to each tale. Additionally, the series occasionally includes interviews with experts such as parapsychologists, skeptics, and occasionally past-life regression therapists in a bid to shed more light on the phenomenon.

Another intriguing aspect of this series is the effort parents take to usually verify and explore the uncanny recollections of their children. Some families travel to the locations their children speak of or investigate the lives of the individuals their children claim to be, finding surprising congruence down to minute details. The show captures these investigative journeys in a gripping manner, taking viewers along for the entire surreal ride.

The Ghost Inside My Child raises questions about the existence of the soul, the possibility of multiple lifetimes, and the true nature of human consciousness. The solid pace of the narrative combined with first-person storytelling effectively retains viewer interest throughout, while the unpredictability of the child narrators compels viewers to question their notion of reality.

The show is well-received for its unique approach, filling an otherwise unexplored niche in primetime television. Parents and families, in particular, find this series appealing for its ability to provide insights into unusual behavior or recollections presented by their children, offering comfort amid confusion.

However, The Ghost Inside My Child isn’t just suitable for parents or those interested in the spiritual realm. It’s an excellently put-together documentary series that is thought-provoking for any viewer. It not only serves as entertaining and evocative television but also stirs the viewer to question what we take for granted about the human experience. In its effort to explore the memories of these reincarnated children, the series makes us reconsider our own memories and understandings of the past, unknown, and the afterlife.

In conclusion, The Ghost Inside My Child is an extraordinary exploration of an unconventional topic. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the show will undeniably capture your curiosity and leave you captivated until the end. This series is a compelling ride into the inexplicable world of past lives and reincarnation, offering an unforgettable viewing spectacle in its wake. Packed with emotion, mystery, and profound questions, this Biography Channel's piece is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, constantly surprised by the ability of these children and the depth of their uncanny recollections.

The Ghost Inside My Child is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 29 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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