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Episode 15
The heart-wrenching series finale of Srugim.

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Episode 14
Hodaya gets the offer of a lifetime. Amir and Yifat's baby makes a move. Tehila confronts Nati with some complicated news.

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Episode 13
Nati faces temptation, then makes quite the proposal. Things get complicated between Hodaya and Avri.

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Episode 12
Reut finds herself on a blind date. Yifat and Amir spend some time on the country. Nati's relationship with Tehila deepens.

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Episode 11
Azaria presents Hodaya with an opportunity. Amir tries to find himself and Yifat experiences independence.

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Episode 10
Yifat and Amir get a first look at their baby and Yifat gets a makeover. Nati takes issue with Azaria's poetry, and the gloves drop during a public reading.

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Episode 9
Yifat's brother comes to visit- and complicates things for Hodaya. Ruet once again finds herself helping Azaria on the financial front.

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Episode 8
Hodaya feels rebellious at work. Nati scares Tehila with an unwelcome medical opinion. Yifat feels the pressure of being the breadwinner.

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Episode 7
With his hours cut, Nati finds himself with too much time on his hands. Ruet makes an odd request to Nati after they go to Azaria's poetry reading.

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Episode 6
Nati finds himself under serious scrutiny by his superiors. Amir and Ruet clash at work. With marriage on the horizon, Hodaya becomes overwhelmed.

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Episode 5
A prank at work leaves Nati conflicted. Hodaya shares some big news with Yifat. Ruet helps Azaria with some finances.

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Episode 4
Amir gets a serious job offer... with strings attached. Ruet makes time to see Azaria and Nati makes time for Tehila.

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Episode 3
Nati finds a reason to see Tehila again. The job market doesn't look good for Amir. Ruet is swept off her feet by Azaria's poetry.

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Episode 2
Nati meets Azaria's ex (Tehila) and likes what he sees. Hodaya meets up again with her ex not-so-kosher boyfriend.

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Episode 1
The smash hit Israeli series is back for a third season! Nati finds new romance and a new roommate- both with extreme tastes.

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Srugim, a critically acclaimed television series aired from 2008 to 2012, is a drama originating from Israel distributed by Syndicado. The show mainly stars Ohad Knoller, Amos Tamam, and Yael Sharoni, whose performances have been commended for their emotional depth and authenticity. Srugim, a term that means "knitted" in Hebrew, is used to refer to Orthodox Jews who wear handmade, knitted skullcaps, distinguishing them from other Jewish denominations.

The series was produced in Israel and primarily filmed in Jerusalem, making full use of the city's unique atmosphere and landscapes from the ancient stone alleys to the bustling marketplaces. It's woven through with the sights, sounds, and flavor of local culture, making it not merely a backdrop but an active, vibrant part of Srugim's narrative.

Srugim revolves around the lives of five single Orthodox Jewish friends in their thirties, navigating through challenges and questions related to their faith, relationships, and personal self-discoveries. The title refers to the characters' religious affiliation with the National Religious group, a modern Orthodox Jewish sect, providing a candid, heartfelt exploration of the intersection between traditional beliefs and the contemporary world.

The lead cast members lend a significant part in capturing and reflecting the individual struggles of this sect. Ohad Knoller brings depth to his role as a likable medical student grappling between maintaining his religious traditions and his aspirations in the medical field. Amos Tamam portrays a fascinating character, a bachelor who has concerns that are divergent from his orthodox upbringing. Yael Sharoni plays a graphic designer whose personal life choices frequently collide with the values of the society she belongs to.

These characters symbolize a specific niche within Israel's population trying to bridge their traditional views and practices with the demands and expectations of modern society. The show does an excellent job of displaying this tightrope walk between strict religious dogmas and personal freedom.

However, the show's brilliance goes beyond the illustration of religious struggles. Srugim also dives deep into the themes of friendship, love, heartbreak, family pressure, and career challenges. The characters deal with a diverse range of issues –from the struggles of the modern dating scene to the pursuit of careers in a demanding, fast-paced city– the same challenges faced by audiences worldwide irrespective of their faith or background.

Despite the cultural and religious specificity of Srugim, the themes it explores are universally resonant. This makes the show accessible to and appreciated by a global audience, not just those familiar with Orthodox Judaism. While there's a significant amount of Hebrew dialogue that necessitates subtitles for non-native speakers, the issues Srugim wrestles with are profoundly human and transcend linguistic or cultural barriers.

The diversity of the characters and the complexity of their personal journeys often tug at the heartstrings of the viewers. It is a show known for its emotional moments that imprint themselves onto the audience, making each episode an intimate exploration of the human experience.

The strength of Srugim lies in its ability to play out dramas of everyday life against the richly textured backdrop of faith, culture, and identity. The storytelling feels authentic and doesn't shy away from the harsh realities of life, making it an honest reflection of struggles inherent to the clash between tradition and modernity.

Srugim’s exploration of Orthodox Judaism is eye-opening, but the depth of its characters and the delicate balance between its comedic and emotional moments make it relatable to a widespread audience. This show seamlessly combines entertainment, drama, love, and humor along with a profound exploration of the human condition, embodying a compelling emotional journey for viewers of all backgrounds.

In conclusion, Srugim serves as a cultural immersion into an often unfamiliar world, proffering an insightful, empathetic lens into a realm few outsiders understand. With compelling characters, gripping storylines, and its sincere depiction of a culturally rich community, Srugim is a highly engaging show that continues to impress viewers worldwide, even after its finale in 2012. Its impact on global storytelling, coupled with its exploration of universally resonating themes, makes Srugim a must-watch for those seeking grounded, authentic drama.

Srugim is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 45 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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