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Heres to You Mrs Hammer
Sledge runs into his best bud from high school, now a defense lawyer. Rekindling of their friendship comes to a halt when he learns that his friend is about to marry his ex-wife.

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It Happened What Night
An old friend of Captain Trunk's, Roy Talbot, asks for help in cracking one last case before he retires. They are staking out a drug deal that's going down at a hotel.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 18 Now

The Secret of My Excess
Hammer scours sleazy bars to find the governor's missing daughter.

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Suppose They Gave a War and Sledge Came
Hammer plots to unmask a killer whose deed was committed during a corporate war game.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 16 Now

Sledge, Rattle and Roll
Hammer confronts a record producer (Davy Jones) after a rock star and his band are murdered.

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Model Dearest
Doreau infiltrates a modeling agency that's a front for a white-slavery ring.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 14 Now

They Call Me Mr Trunk
The precinct is quarantined after Hammer helps locate a man exposed to a toxic substance.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 13 Now

Hammer is aced out of an investigation by a British operative trying to thwart a terrorist - and romance Doreau (Anne-Marie Martin).

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 12 Now

Sledge in Toyland
Hammer searches for the murderer of a toy magnate and his mistress.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 11 Now

A megalomaniac bent on creating an army of automatons turns Hammer into a half-man, half-machine.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 10 Now

Last of the Red Hot Vampires
Hammer investigates the deaths of a director and a starlet amid reports that a film vampire (Bernie Kopell) has returned from the grave.

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Hammer Hits the Rock aka Sledge On the Rock
Rumors of a planned prison break send Hammer to a Federal pen, disguised as hit man Nick the Dart.

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Dressed to Call
Hammer vows to collar a crackpot who's threatening the host of a radio program about men.

Watch Sledge Hammer! Season 2 Episode 7 Now

After an incident atop a high-rise, Hammer lands a ground-floor assignment guarding a gun moll (Deborah Harmon).

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The Death of a Few Salesmen
Hammer poses as an Aussie car dealer to nab the woman who married, then killed, six salesmen.

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Wild About Hammer
Hammer's display of machismo gains him an admirer in a psychotic new officer (Beverly Leech), who sets her sights on him.

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Play It Again Sledge
In this spoof, a trench-coated stranger befriends Hammer after the cop opens a detective agency.

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Big Nazi On Campus
A murder leads Hammer and Doreau down separate paths to identify the villain, with Hammer's instincts pointing to a football star.

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A Clockwork Hammer
In this "Max Headroom" sendup, a TV programmer schemes to brainwash witnesses in a mobster's trial.

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Sledge Hammer! is an American satirical comedy series aired by Image Entertainment between 1986 and 1988. The main character is enigmatic, brash, and side-splittingly funny, delivering a unique blend of humor that tickles fans of slapstick and wit alike. At the heart of the show is a biting ridicule of brutish police dramas, presenting a caricature that is as hilarious as it is thought-provoking.

David Rasche stars magnificently as Inspector Sledge Hammer, a gung-ho, trigger-happy detective whose love for violence and unorthodox approach to law enforcement caused as many problems as they solved. Hammer's distinguishing feature - a .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver - is treated with an almost unwavering devotion, which further accentuates the absurdity of Hammer's character. Rasche's performance is powerfully exaggerated, but retains a sense of credibility that anchors the show in its satirical premise.

Anne-Marie Martin plays Dori Doreau, Hammer's partner, who constantly has the herculean task of keeping Hammer's enthusiasm for wanton destruction in check. Martin's performance brings a level-headed foil to Rasche's over-the-top portrayal of Hammer. Doreau's character is more by-the-book, embodying the conventions of a traditional cop—albeit with the added burden of dealing with a partner like Hammer. This stark contrast between the two main characters fuels many of the interpersonal conflicts and comedic moments in the series.

Harrison Page adds another dimension role as Captain Trunk, the exasperated commanding officer wearied by Hammer's destructive antics, yet somehow keeps giving him chances. Page's performance perfectly encapsulates the weariness of a beleaguered police captain without descending into the realm of cynicism.

Each episode of Sledge Hammer! unfolds in a wacky universe where law and order is pursued in the most outlandish of manners. The writers deftly juggle elements of humor and action, delivering an exciting and enjoyable series that doesn't take itself too seriously. Although an apparent mockery of traditional crime dramas and action films, Sledge Hammer! also incorporates elements of surrealism.

The show's engaging narrative is characterized by comically exaggerated crimes, bad guys who are just as outrageously flamboyant as Hammer, and a series of hilarious confrontations that highlight both the absurdity and thrill of this distinctive world. The episodes generally follow a predictable pattern—an inciting incident unleashes Hammer's eccentricities, followed by Doreau's attempts to clean up after his chaos, before finally resolving the crisis in an usually comical way.

Although set in the 80s, Sledge Hammer! has a timeless element to it. The issues it lampoons are as relevant today as they were three decades ago, and the humor still resonates with modern audiences. This series offers a sidesplitting satire of the stereotypical "tough cop" persona, while simultaneously providing a loving homage to the action-noir genre.

Throughout its run, Sledge Hammer! successfully blurred the line between the absurd and the real, adding a unique twist to the clichéd cop show. Every episode is a roller-coaster ride of laughter, rooted in sharp writing, clever dialogue, and brilliant performances by the leading actors. It is a memorable show, where the laughs come as fast and furious as the flying bullets.

Sledge Hammer's risqué humor and unabashed peculiarity provide a fresh take on the crime drama genre, which is often mired in heavy storylines and dark themes. Its absurdities are deliberate, playing around with conventions of genre and narrative to create a show that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

In conclusion, Sledge Hammer! is the perfect series for viewers seeking a hilarious, action-packed satirical comedy. It's a bold, clever series that redefines the typical elements of a cop show into something entirely new and uniquely entertaining. Its iconic characters and memorable moments have ensured it remains a cult favorite among viewers even after several decades. Bold and unforgettable, Sledge Hammer! is an absolute must-watch for comedy and action fans alike.

Sledge Hammer! is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 49 episodes, the show debuted on 1986. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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