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Episode 16
The government tries to legalize the surveillance of civilians, putting both Barro and Unicon in a crisis.

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Episode 15
Barro finally takes the lead in the market shares. However, Ta Mi struggles with her breakup with Morgan.

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Episode 14
New CEOs take over both Barro and Unicon. Ga Gyeong takes over In Gyeong's place, while Hong Joo takes his resignation back and returns to the office.

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Episode 13
Ta Mi finds out that Morgan is the first love of her piano teacher. She ends up hurting Morgan’s feelings as she was confused.

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Episode 12
Cha Hyeon comes up with the idea of showing only one top search keyword at a time as part of the portal's renewal. Although the vice-president of Barro approves, he suggests Ta Mi to take down the My Homepage service as a condition.

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Episode 11
Morgan bumps into someone unexpected at his school reunion. Ta Mi works on a big project while battling with jealous over Morgan’s reunion.

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Episode 10
Hong Joo turns in his resignation letter and leaves the TF Team. Ta Mi talks with her team members one-on-one to overcome the ordeal but finds it much harder than anticipated.

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Episode 9
Ta Mi and Morgan finally begin their relationship and Ta Mi’s life seems to be going well in terms of both love and work. However, Ga Gyeong decides that Barro’s continuous success should be stopped.

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Episode 8
Ga Gyeong provokes Ta Mi by offering Go Do Ri up in return for Cha Hyeon. The offer flips over Ga Gyeong and Cha Hyeon's long relationship, leaving Ta Mi to find alternatives.

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Episode 7
After getting through the night with Morgan, Ta Mi accepts her feelings for him and proposes an unexpected offer to Morgan.

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Episode 6
All Barro employees receive an email about Cha Hyeon. Meanwhile, Ga Gyeong gets through a difficult time, and ends up pleading for forgiveness from Jang Hee Eun.

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Episode 5
Ta Mi's name goes to the top of the real-time keyword searched online. Ta Mi tries to investigate the issue with a TF Team, and an unexpected person appears in front of her.

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Episode 4
Ta Mi visits her ex-boyfriend, Joon Soo, to find a new job for Morgan who lost his job because of her.

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Episode 3
Although Ta Mi is attracted to Morgan, she decides to distance herself from getting too close to him.

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Episode 2
Ta Mi thinks she will be in a trouble for causing a scene at the hearing, but things go differently from what she expected.

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Episode 1
Ta Mi attends the court hearing because Unicon, the company she's working for, is suspected to have manipulated real-time keyword ranking regarding an assemblyman.

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In the fast-paced era of the digital age, Korean drama "Search: WWW," produced by tvN in 2019, offers an intriguing glance at the dynamic world of the web portal industry. The drama skillfully weaves a compelling narrative that transcends realms of workplace drama, familial bonds, romance, rivalry, and the fight for professional supremacy. It symbolizes a refreshing departure from traditional love stories or crime thrillers Korean dramas are often known for.

"Search: WWW" registers itself as a powerful feminist drama, focusing on the lives of three ambitious career women entangled within the complexities of Korea's top web portal companies' fierce competition – Unicon and Barro. The ambitious Bae Ta-Mi, elegantly portrayed by actress Lim Soo-Jung, starts as a director at Unicon, the leading web portal company. Her proficiency in predicting and moulding internet trends makes her an invaluable asset. Following a controversial event though, she finds herself working for Barro, which plays second fiddle to Unicon in the industry.

The drama unfolds as Ta-Mi navigates her new environment and emerges as a powerful force to reckon with. Notably, it illustrates her professional and personal life complexities, demonstrating her dealing expertly with the competitive industry while exploring her romantic interest. Jang Ki-Yong lends a commendable performance as Park Mo-Gun, a genius composer, offering the viewers a youthful and charming portrayal of modern romantic involvement. Their unconventional romance curiously fits the landscape of this unique drama, providing a counterbalance to the high-stress corporate environment.

Cha Hyun, impeccably portrayed by actress Lee Da Hee, is another powerful character within the series. Executive at Barro and initially an arch-rival to Bae Ta-Mi, her character unfolds layers of intensity and depth as the show progresses. She is not merely an antagonist but a deeply layered character with an intriguing backstory that adds an extra dimension to the narrative.

The final leg in the talented troika is the influential Scarlett, brought to life by Jeon Hye Jin. She is a director at Unicon, often presented as an adversary to Ta-Mi and Cha Hyun but one who possesses an uncompromising moral compass, and wields the power to greatly affect the world of these web portal companies.

"Search: WWW" enriches the screen with its female-centric narrative and an intense corporate world. It breaks the norm of the stereotypical male-dominated corporate environment, emphasizing a dynamic aesthetic of power and intellectual women at the top. The drama proficiently deals with their challenges at work and personal lives, demonstrating a complex web of relationships and office battles involving various stakeholders - employees, corporate rivals, game developers, legislators, and users.

The writing in "Search: WWW" beautifully captures the synergy between personal relationships and professional ambitions, making the audience root for these characters' success in both spheres. Each episode is delicately infused with plot twists and corporate battles, creating a vibrant and gripping atmosphere that keeps the audience on the edge.

Aside from its compelling storytelling and characters, the series also boasts a stunning visual appeal. Each scene, whether it’s a corporate boardroom showdown or a quiet romantic moment, is aesthetically shot and visually engaging. It offers an immersive viewing experience with its high-quality production value, making "Search: WWW" a visual treat to indulge in.

In addition to the drama's visual appeal, the superb performances by all the actors and the intricate character development play a significant role in making "Search: WWW" a must-watch. The well-plotted storyline paired with the confident and impressive performances of its lead characters, a finely executed script, and an engrossing soundtrack makes it an exceptional drama that leaves a long-lasting impact.

In conclusion, tvN's "Search: WWW" triumphantly brings forth a fine blend of the corporate world, personal relationships, and the revolutionary power of the internet in the modern era. It combines these components into an intriguing and distinctive narrative that undoubtedly appeals to a broad audience base, ensuring a unique viewing experience for all. The show is a thought-provoking exploration of the digital age and its impact on our lives, making it a significant addition to contemporary Korean television.

Search: WWW is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

Lim Soo-jung, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Da-hee
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