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As the team makes a significant breakthrough in the case, Rachel€™s position as Acting DI is jeopardized. Janet€™s attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, rocking her faith in justice.

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Nobody's Fool
When the killers change the rules of their sick game, Rachel€™s safety is in question. As a police officer, Janet is powerless to protect her daughter but she knows she needs to stop the madness.

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Rachel steps up to Acting DI on a case that becomes bigger and more sinister than it first seemed. Glad of Rachel€™s return, Janet couldn€™t have known how much she was going to need her friend.

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Scott & Bailey is an Intriguing British crime drama television series that aired from 2011 till 2016. It was broadcast by ITV and created by Sally Wainwright along with Diane Taylor, and it follows the professional and personal lives of two female detectives working in Manchester's Metropolitan Police Service. The central characters of the series are played by Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones, who portray DC Janet Scott and DC Rachel Bailey respectively.

Lesley Sharp's DC Janet Scott is portrayed as a dedicated and intuitive detective with years of experience. She's level-headed, diplomatic, and has a knack for getting victims and witnesses to open up to her. Her character's juxtaposition is Suranne Jones' DC Rachel Bailey, who is fiery, impulsive, and passionate. Her personal life can be quite chaotic, but her instinct-driven approach proves useful in solving cases.

The chemistry between the two leads plays a large part in the success of the series. Both characters have their strengths and flaws, and their personal lives often spill over into their professional work. Their relationship embodies a genuine camaraderie, respect, and friendship which carries through the toughest of times, making their bond one of the hallmarks of the series.

Other characters who form an integral part of the Scott & Bailey universe include Amelia Bullmore as DCI Gill Murray, the unit's no-nonsense superior who serves as a mentor to both detective constables. She's passionate, dedicated, and isn't afraid to pull her investigators in line when they cross professional boundaries. Pippa Haywood also stands out in her role as DSI Julie Dodson, the divisional commander who consistently challenges the investigative team to perform at their best.

The series also features Vincent Regan, Danny Miller, Nicholas Gleaves, David Prosho, Ben Batt, Sean Maguire, and Judith Barker playing key roles, each adding unique hues to the storyline with their performances. Their characters bring in the different layers of the police procedural, handling divergent roles within and outside the force and contributing different perspectives for the resolution of the numerous cases investigated in the series.

Scott & Bailey set itself apart with its commitment to creating a realistic and nuanced portrayal of the challenges faced by women working in a traditionally male-dominated environment. The show also deals with personal challenges faced by the leads, whether it's dealing with problematic relationships, personal grief or balancing familial responsibilities. It's not just the crime-solving aspect that hooks the viewers to this well-crafted drama series, but also the unfolding personal dramas, intricacies of office politics, and the portrayal of life on the force.

Visually, the series takes full advantage of its setting in Manchester, capturing the city's many moods and its unique character. Aesthetically speaking, the grittiness of the scenarios is blended well with the urbanity of Manchester, lending an interesting backdrop to the plotlines.

The stories investigated by detectives Scott and Bailey encompass a vast range of criminal cases, ranging from domestic disputes and kidnappings to serial murders. The writers have struck a fine balance, showing the detectives’ diligence in their investigation without steering into the realm of sensationalism. The series frequently utilizes suspense and twists to enduring effect, ensuring that each episode delivers fresh and compelling story arc.

In its overall tone and execution, Scott & Bailey can be compared to the long lineage of British crime dramas, but it's its attention to its characters, its blend of professional and personal, and its willingness to tackle tough issues that set it apart. It showcases the human face of police work without succumbing to the predictable and overly dramatic tropes of the genre.

Filled with spectacular performances, gripping storylines, and hefty character development, Scott & Bailey made its mark in the realm of British drama television. Running for five successful seasons, it kept its audience engaged till the end. A must-watch drama for anyone seeking quality British television.

Scott & Bailey is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 33 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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