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Exposed, Predisposed & Deal Closed
What happens in Vegas... turns into a naked nightmare. The thrill of getting caught reenergizes a couple's stagnant sex life with very public consequences. A rookie realtor's forbidden fling leads to some very bad behavior.

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Missed Signals
A playful deception spirals into a painful reception when a divorcee tracks down an old flame. Psychic signals get crossed, leading to a romantic romp for the wrong couple.

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All The Wrong Places
A romantic crush climaxes with an unexpected crash. A recent divorce discovers that grief is nature's greatest aphrodisiac.

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Suspended, Extended & Unfriended
A married couple decides to suspend things to spice up their marriage. A love-struck woman discovers the perfect remedy for a lonely heart.

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Heaven knows that real-life stories can often be mind-boggling, unpredictable, and incredibly entertaining, none more so than those revolving around the topic of human relationships and their sexual encounters. Lifetime Movie Network, a division of A+E Networks, recognized the limitless potential of these intimate experiences and capitalized on it in 2016 by initiating an anthology series that elucidates precisely on such euphoric, peculiar, and sometimes shocking narratives. Titled "My Crazy Sex," this compelling series catalogues an array of true stories of love and sex told by the people who lived through them.

"My Crazy Sex" is more than just an anthology of raunchy encounters. It targets the tales that venture into the domain of the bizarre, extreme, and sometimes even humorous, relations. Each episode features three different stories that depict confessions of sexual encounters gone awry. Inspiration for these tales are sourced from typical everyday people who have had the courage to share their most intimate and baffling romantic incidents. From startling love triangles, public sex gone wrong, unexpected fetishes, and even strange sexual accidents, "My Crazy Sex" covers diverse aspects of human sensuality pushed to its limits.

Each installment of the series is tastefully crafted to reveal individual sexual escapades that elicit a range of emotions from hilarity, shock, to eye-opening fantasy realizations. The stories are narrated by their respective participants, making the experience more personal and real. Reinforcing these narratives are dramatic reenactments; a storytelling technique that "My Crazy Sex" utilizes to perfection. Audiences are privy to these intensely personal stories, watched through the voyeuring lens of television, without the buffering filter of fiction.

Another notable aspect of the show is the unique mixture of comedy, drama, and suspense that all these stories evoke. It's a subtle reminder that sex and relationships aren't just about passion and connection; they're a concoction of awkward moments, unexpected blunders, and even frightening events. It's about the light-hearted laughter that follows a clumsily executed sexual manoeuvre or the anguish and disbelief in the wake of a sweetheart's betrayal. It’s a real presentation of inherent human nature and the extremities it can reach when love, lust, and passion are tossed into the fragile dynamics of relationships.

"My Crazy Sex" does not limit itself to just presenting stories; it also delves into periodically exploring the psychology behind these erratic sexual encounters. It raises questions on the nature of attraction, desires, the need for excitement and novelty, and how far one can and will go to satisfy these decidedly primal urges. Beyond the surface-level entertainment, the show stimulates contemplation and conversation about the often taboo and misunderstood subject of sex and its surrounding elements.

Besides the intriguing content, what sets "My Crazy Sex" apart is its non-judgmental portrayal of the narrators' experiences. The stories are not offered for ridicule or judgment but are presented as simple, unabashed truth. The episodes maintain a requisite modesty and dignity for the storytellers, emphasising empathy over criticism or moral policing. From every episode, there is a sense of relief that comes from realizing you are not alone in your experiences and that others, too, have had their share of bedlam in the bedroom.

Moreover, "My Crazy Sex" possesses a slice-of-life essence that resonates with its audience, bringing forth stories that, despite their absurdity, hold an aura of relatability. It is provocative without being scandalous, entertaining without being deprecatory and surprising without being shocking. It pushes the viewer into an area of comfort with the not-so-glamorous side of sex, fostering a more realistic understanding of this integral part of human life.

In conclusion, "My Crazy Sex" takes its audience on a rollercoaster of reality-based sexual encounters, levelling up the conventional ‘facts of life’ discussions and reframing them in a whole new light. It’s primarily a refresher course on the unpredictable and occasionally slapstick nature of physical entanglements, suggesting that when one is dealing with an act as intimate and passionate as sex, sometimes things can, and indeed do, get a little crazy.

My Crazy Sex is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 11 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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