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A Ghost in the Machine-Utah State
The drivers intend to wreck their vehicles in the season's final derby; Scooter shares a meaningful family connection with the event; the Gullos and the Sweats clash over rules.

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Her Turn in Evanston
The Utah drivers face competitors from Wyoming; Ryan caves and allows Katy to drive with the men; a fight breaks out during the main event.

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A Proposal in Tooele
Gumby goes on a camping trip with his fiancée; Katy clashes with Ryan.

Watch Kings of Crash Season 1 Episode 6 Now

Redemption in Logan
Mont invests in his car; Lazenby protects a derby newcomer.

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A Father and a Son in Davis
A father and son team up for an event; drivers argue with derby officials over a disqualification.

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Pushing the Grey in SLC
Drivers clash over rules about their cars.

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Man Down in Heber
The Drivers are feeling the pain of the derby season in there bodies and egos; the Sweat brothers argue over who is the maddest of MAD DOGS; a driver rolls his first car and another is sent off the field in an ambulance.

Watch Kings of Crash Season 1 Episode 2 Now

To Have and Have Not in Kamas
Demolition derby drivers get over many different obstacles to compete in one of the highest paying events in Utah

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Kings of Crash is a high-octane reality series that aired on the Velocity channel in 2013. The series invites viewers into an exhilarating, destructive world where cars are not symbols of status and convenience, but weapons of destruction in the pinnacle of redneck sports - demolition derby.

Across old fairground arenas and muddy tracks in the Rocky Mountain region of America, the Kings of Crash battle in thundering, bone-jarring demolition derbies. These are not mindless vehicular brawls, but tactical, full-contact contests of strategy, driving skills, creativity, and a sheer passion for crashing cars. These self-proclaimed 'Kings' put their sweat, soul, and hard-earned cash on the line, all for the thrill of victory and the title of being the toughest driver in the derby world.

Each episode involves intense moments of anticipation, rivalry, camaraderie, and nail-biting combat as the drivers maneuver their custom-made vehicles with the intent to incapacitate their opponents strategically. It's a swirling whirlwind of metal and fire, fenders bending, sparks flying, and engines roaring with every smashing run, reminding viewers of the raw power that those ordinary vehicles hold within them.

The show covers the entire range of demolition derby activities – from the art of vehicle preparation to the smashing action of the derbies themselves. It delves into the intricate processes of selecting a suitable car, hammering it into a battle-ready machine, and reinforcing it for the impact to come. It showcases the countless hours of work, grit, and craftsmanship that go into converting everyday beaters into destructive derby machines. And accompanying all that work are money concerns, time constraints, and the looming fear of unexpected breakdowns – adding suspense to the show.

Beyond the thrill of the derby, Kings of Crash offers a close and personal view of the derby sub-culture. It throws light on the lives, motivations, and trials of the drivers who are not professional athletes but everyday working folks with an extraordinary passion for demolition. It highlights the bonds and rivalries that develop between the individuals, humanizing them and providing viewers with individuals to root for.

The drivers are an eclectic mix reflecting all walks of life. They range from seasoned veterans – grizzled and hardened from countless derbies, younger and ambitious newcomers eager to prove their mettle, to occasional hobbyists who are willing to risk it all, out of love for the sport. Each comes with their distinct personalities, driving styles, and strategies, adding vibrant dynamics both on and off the track.

The show also explores the effect of this sport on the drivers' personal lives. It delves into facets involving their families, jobs, and the sacrifice demanded by the sport they love. From hauling wrecks in backyards to disappointing family members for missing crucial events, it presents a well-rounded picture of the sport's toll on one's personal life.

Lastly, Kings of Crash captures the raw untamed energy of the live audience. The exhilaration and bloodlust of the crowd as they cheer on their preferred drivers adds another level of intensity to each episode. They bear witness to the triumphant victories, disheartening losses, and the spectacle of destruction, their reactions fueling the clash of metal in the arena.

Kings of Crash is a high-speed roller coaster of emotion, passion, and destruction. With its blend of loud engines, crushing hits, spurts of flame, engaging personalities, and intricate car preparations, the show captures the very essence of demolition derbies, serving as a tribute to this extreme sport and its uncompromising community of drivers. Fans of automotive shows, racing, and a good old bout of chaos will find this show to be a delightful watch.

Kings of Crash is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Fred Tatasciore, Ryan Sweat, Tj McPhie
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