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What Happens in Cabo, Doesn't Stay in Cabo
Larry's relationship with his lover is better than ever, until he gets blind-sided by a confession; Agu makes a last ditch effort with Kamani; Kamani forces Emily to face her demons; Larry treats his friends to an amazing day on a luxury yacht.

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Undercover Lover
Jermane leads an interrogation when Larry brings his secret lover to the house. Also, a wild party night ends in a sprawling truth-telling session between Emily and Agu, and Larry begins cracking under the pressure, leaving the entire vacation in limbo.

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Caught in the Act
A sushi dinner gets messy when Kamani and Emily let their claws out; Larry and Bianca witness a backseat bombshell that they try to contain, then the secret is revealed, causing emotions to explode, and one of Larry's friends may be going home.

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Dirty Little Secret
Larry stuns everyone with a mystery guest, who comes into the house with guns blazing; the group leaps head first into a Mexican canyon; Larry surprises Emily with her boyfriend for her birthday, and she must scramble to keep her infidelity a secret.

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Secrets and Lies
Agu tries to get closer to Kamani, but Emily doesn't make it easy for him; Larry cooks up big plans for Bianca's birthday, and the guys are forced to intervene, leading Larry to drop a bomb that makes everyone's head spin.

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Blame It on the Alcohol
The crew enjoys a bottle-popping pool party, during which Bianca asks Larry a jaw-dropping question; Jermane faces one of his greatest fears; Agu tries to get back in Kamani's good graces; an all-terrain vehicle ride ends in disaster.

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Dancing With the Devil
A tidal wave of scandal hits the vacation home after a night of partying in Cabo; Emily makes a life-altering decision, jeopardizing her relationship back home; Kamani exposes Bianca's trifling ways to Larry.

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Tick Tick Boom
Celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims invites six of his friends to join him for a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; things get steamy between Larry and Bianca; sparks fly between Agu and Kamani; Emily takes something off in the middle of a restaurant.

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Invite Only Cabo, which aired in 2017 on Bravo, is a luxury-filled reality television show with irresistible drama and unforgettable experiences. Nestled between the scenic beauty of the iconic Mexican resort city, the participation of thrilling personalities, and the potential for human transformation, this show creates a delightful intrigue that keeps viewers engaged and entertained.

The series was devised with an innovative concept that revolved around celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, best known for his work with A-listers including Gabrielle Union and Tracee Ellis Ross. The show featured Sims' decision to step outside his comfort zone and shake up his inner circle of friends by inviting the six people he is closest to for an extravagant vacation in Cabo San Lucas, a renowned Mexican paradise.

The twist here is that these friends, who hail from different facets of Sims' life, have never met each other before. They exhibit distinct personality traits, reflect disparate walks of life, and are unaware of what to anticipate from this vacation and each other's company. The cast includes a diverse group including Kamani Alana, Bianca Banks, Agu Ukaogo, Emily Moses, Jermane Britton, and Malaku Quisada.

The participants in Invite Only Cabo enthrall the viewers with their unleashing individualities, clashes, and confrontations that inevitably occur when strangers are brought together and pushed into unfamiliar terrain and circumstances. This daring social experiment unfolds with a healthy mix of comedy, drama, tears, and laughter. Throughout the show, the friendships are tested to their boiling points, emotions run amok, bonds bend and often break, exposing the true nature and feelings of all the participants.

One of the notable highlights of Invite Only Cabo is its episodic progression that keeps viewers on their toes. Every episode in the series divulges a new adventure, whether it's a high-energy night out, watersports, luxurious yacht rides, hiking in scenic locales, or pampering spa trips. Amidst these adventures and leisurely activities, personal issues come to the fore, creating a ripe atmosphere for the drama to unfold. Each episode ends with suspense and curiosity which makes viewers look forward to the next episode.

However, the beauty of the program goes deeper than the glitz, glam, and sensational revelations. The show explores the dynamics of friendship and relationships in a broad spectrum, unveiling the vulnerabilities, secrets, and passions that cast members have in their lives. Questions like: ‘How will these characters handle the pressures of unfamiliar environments and uncharted relationships?’ and ‘What impact will this vacation have on their lives, and will their bond withstand or wither under the test of time?’ forms the overarching intrigue in the episodic sequence.

The setting of Cabo San Lucas adds further lustre to the show. Apart from providing stunning backdrops for each sequence, the luxurious locale puts the participants into situations and activities they're unaccustomed to, thereby fueling the drama. The audience also gets to experience Cabo vicariously through the lavish accommodations, restaurants, and excursions featured in each episode.

As if the destination, concept, and cast dynamics aren't fascinating enough, the real magic of the show lies in the unpredictability of human behavior and the characters' development as theyeligo through the highs and lows of shared experiences. Adding to this, the countless moments of fun, excitement, shock, and confusion create a dynamic viewing experience that captivates viewers from the opening to the closing credits.

In brief, Invite Only Cabo is a whirlwind of emotion, beautiful landscapes, new experiences, and drama-filled escapades of close-knit friends trying to find their footing in an unforeseen group dynamic. This series is not just a sumptuous visual treat but also an exploration of complex human relationships. It's an epitome of Bravo's signature style - delivering reality shows that are exciting, glamorous, vibrant, and full of surprises. Whether for the anticipation of learning more about the glamorous lifestyle of celebrities, the suspense of interpersonal relationships, or the raw beauty of Cabo San Lucas itself, Invite Only Cabo remains a must-watch for all reality TV fanatics.

Invite Only Cabo is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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