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A Kick-Off Towards Tomorrow
Nobody wanted to miss Mark and his friends' last High School game. There are so many memories, so many experiences around the ball that it is tough to have them end.

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Tears In The Graduation!
It's been months since the finals, and Mark Evans and his friends' graduation ceremony has arrived. With everyone moving onto newer things in their lives, Mark and his friends have decided to keep the Raimon football club going with new players.

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The End At Last! The Best In The World!
The game is in its last minutes, the players' forces are running down. It is the moment of what's really important and what's really at stake.

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Final Duel At The Summit: Little Giants! Part 2
If our friends of Inazuma National thought the finals was already over, how wrong they were. David Evans and Hector Helios still keep an ace in their sleeves which will put Mark and his friends in a very tight spot!

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La final est

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Inazuma National's Final Showdown
The day has arrived! FFI finals have started! Both teams will play their trump cards, including some unexpected ones. Despite all their preparations, the game will not be as Mark and his friends expect!

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Eleven Mottos To Win The World!
Once solved the physical question, it is time for mind preparation: Inazuma National must be as sure of their victory as their rivals are! And once more, Mark and his friends will find the answers in a notebook written by David Evans a long time ago.

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Special Friendly Training With Paolo!
Inazuma National should train more and better than never if they want to be ready for the finals. But training is not the same as a real game, so that's what Paolo and Orpheus are for.

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The Strongest Rival!
After so many years of separation, Mark and his grandfather can talk at last. It's quite more than a mere reunion between grandchild and grandparent, but it also means knowing the coach and the main player of the team he will play against in the finals.

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The Frightful Zoolan Team!
Rice's reinforced humans team is causing serious problems for Inazuma National. Mark's old super techniques seems to have no effect.

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The Attack of The Ultimate Reinforced Humans!
Zoolan Rice is back! But now his anger is towards Little Giants and their coach. He gathered a group of very special players to trash them all. But it is Mark and the rest of Inazuma National will come in Rice's way once more. Will they be enough to stop this reinforced team?

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Little Giants' Marvel!
After Inazuma National's semi-finals, it is time to play Paolo's team. Orpheus seems to be the favorite but their rivals overwhelm them.

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The Counter Attack of The Kings of Football!
Zoolan rice is already out of The Kingdom. Mac Robingo and his friends are free to play as they really know how.

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Inazuma National vs The Kingdom
Mac Robingo decided to summit himself to Rice's program to protect his friends, even if the price to may be too high. Even if his team mates are not willing to accept his sacrifice, what can they do?

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Zoolan Rice's Conspiration
The Kingdom's coach is a very powerful man, both inside and outside the football world. His shadow seems to reach every corner and it's turning his team's beautiful game into something else.

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The Kingdom's Darkness!
When the adventure is over, FFI comes back with the semi-final between Inazuma National and The Kingdom, one the strongest teams in the world. But why would Mac Robingo, The Kingdom's captain, ask Mark such an unbelievable favor?

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Dark Angel: The Demon King Arrives!
Danger seemed to be over, but quite the opposite. The teams our heroes played against are now fused into one and might have terrible consequences.

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Devil Army Z!
Jude and his team descend through the mountain to rescue his sister. But the only way to do so is through a football game.

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Apostles From The Sky!
Heaven's Garden & Demon's Gate dwellers took Sue and Celia away to fulfill their prophecies. Of course, our friends are not willing to let them have their way, so they part to rescue the girls.

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The Legend of Liocott!
Legend says that long time ago, dwellers from the skies and the depths fought in Liocott Island in awesome football games. And the legend says they are about to come back.

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Grandpa's Last Notebook
Last game's results made Inazuma National players to follow closely their group's last game. It is not strange that the arrival of David Evans' last notebook went almost unnoticed.

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Ray Dark's Last Challenge
Orpheus' captain arrival gave new strength to Mark's rivals, putting our heroes in a tight spot. But in this game there are more things at stake than reaching the final stage.

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Explosive Showdown! Paolo vs mark
The showdown between Inazuma National and Orpheus is an exciting one since Paolo Bianchi and the rest of Italian players rallied around Mister D. Catenacchio Counter, their new special tactic, seems unbeatable, specially since the real Orpheus' captain joins the game.

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Catenacchio Counter! The Most Powerful Special Tactic!
Biggest showdown in the Orpheus vs Inazuma National's game is not about the teams, but about how to answer to Ray Dar's presence. While some distrust and fear him, others have seen what his work can do and are ready to believe in him.

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Just One Step From The Final Stage! Paolo's Resolution!
The match against Orpheus will be decisive to reach FFI's final stage. Nobody doubt the quality of Paolo and the rest of the Italian players, but the biggest mystery is Orpheus' coach, Mister D.

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Recovered Memories! The Truth About Cammy!
Now that the team is training at full force, getting ready for the last game of the first stage, tension affects Cammy. Little by little, her memories start breaking the barriers within her mind.

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What a Crash! Tiger And Hawk!
It's always tough being far from home, even if your friends are by your side. Some people get eased with home letters, some the opposite.

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Meeting With Kappas. What a shock!
Fairytales little imps called 'Kappas' who live by the ponds. Mark says he did see one, but nobody believes him.

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Phoenix's Resolution
The match between Inazuma National and Unicorn is nearing its end. Unicorn's special tactic seems unbeatable, but neither Mark nor Inazuma National thinks about giving up.

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Full Throttle Friendship! Erik vs Mark!
Erik is playing like never before against his former team mates, even if it is for a reason he doesn't want to tell anyone. When Mark's family learn what's happening, he decides to answer Erik's courage with his own.

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Erik's Last Kick-Off!
Next team to play against Inazuma National is Unicorn, the team from the US, where their former team mates Erik and Bobby play. The game should be exciting...

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Cammy's Secret
The match against The Empire bring some changes to the team and the players. Now that they have some rest before the next game, it's time to have a little break, or watch how their other rivals are doing.

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Desperate Situation! Inazuma National's Defeat?
The game can not get any worse for Inazuma National: not only did they miss several key players but their rival's defense gives them no chance to score. If they really want to win, they should show that the team's spirit lies within every one of them, not just Mark.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 28 Now

The Impregnable Fortress!
Just when everything seemed solved, our heroes find that the Argentine match has been put forward. Now Inazuma National is about to face a tough game against a team famous for its defense while missing four of their key players and their coach.

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The Biggest Clash! Penguin vs Penguin!
In this match, three big showdowns are taking place: Orpheus vs Team D, Jude vs Giulio (Jude's copycat) and former Royal Academy's players vs Ray Dark's threat. To achieve victory, they should win every one of them.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 26 Now

Awesome! There Are Two Judges!
Our fiends set to help the Italian players against the new coach's team, Team D. But when they enter into the field, they are surprised to see that Mister D's team has a 'Jude' of their own; even his Super Technique is similar!

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 25 Now

Royals's Curse! Part 2
While Jude and the others look for Ray Dark, Italy's national team have a new coach who decides to change their team for his. Original players who decide not to leave the tournament, challenge the new coach...

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Mientras Darren sigue buscando su nueva supert

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 23 Now

Let's Go Beyond Mugen: The Hand
Tournament does not give a chance to breathe. As soon a game is over, they have to start training for the next.

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At Last Finished! My Own Technique
The match is as tough as it seemed from the very beginning: Knights of Queen's Techniques are hurting Inazuma National bad. Specially when Mark can not stop their shots with his old techniques.

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Knights of Queen, England's Knights!
Inazuma National's first opponent: Knights of Queen. The 'English Knights' will not be an easy match for our heroes as they have more football experience and tradition.

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What a Shock! This Is Playing At World Level!
The teams have been divided into two groups and Inazuma National have their opponents. Before the real match starts, Mark will get a chance to watch their opponent in action and it feel to play at the world level, the highest of them all.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 19 Now

Here Is The World Tournament!
Inazuma National made the Football Frontier Internationals. The team will fly to the island of Liocott where the competition will take place.

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Lets Take The Ticket For The Finals!
In order for the team's revolution to work, some players need to let go of the fear and distrust that held them down. If Inazuma national wants to be in the Football Frontier International, they must give it all they've got to beat the Fire Dragons!

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 17 Now

Rise, Captain!
It is time to take measures to help Inazuma National out of the tight spot they are in. While Mark Evans thinks of a solution, Caleb Stonewall, Inazuma National's most controversial player, enters the field.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 16 Now

An Unbeatable Strategy: Perfect Zone Press!!
Inazuma National is leading on the scoreboard, but now their rivals have started their famous strategy that won them many victories, the Perfect Zone Press. Things do not look good for our heroes.

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Asia Strongest: Fire Dragons!
Finals against Korea is a very special game. Noe even more so as some old acquaintances are present in the Korean team.

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The Last Match
After his father's disapproval, Axel agrees to drop football as soon as the qualifiers are over. But his departure will affect the team's condition, specially Mark, who is already shocked after getting a stranger letter from an unexpected sender.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 13 Now

Axel's Decision
Asian qualifiers final is getting near, the whole team is getting ready for this final challenge and new Super-Techniques are being developed to fight their rivals. But Axel Blaze realizes that maybe he will not follow his friends and team mates.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 12 Now

Cammy's Plan For a New Super-Technique
Mark needs a new Super-Technique and is worried that he won't be able to come up with anything. Cammy is worried over Mark's concern.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Ultimate Challenge! Percy Travis' Japan Against Lina Schiller's!
Neo National Team are set to take Inazuma National's place putting our heroes in a predicament. Not only have they mastered the Super-Techniques, which have caused a lot of problems for our heroes in the past, but have also improved their skills to a level never before seen.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 10 Now

Team Change? The Biggest Challenge!
Inazuma National gets an unexpected visit from former Raimon Eleven's coach, Lina Schiller. By her side is the "Neo National' team.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 9 Now

What a Clash: Mark VS Archer!
Archer Hawkins, Inazuma National's strangest member of the team. It looks like he had never played football before and yet he is on the team.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 8 Now

Austin's Awaking Hour!
The Qatar Desert Lions are wearing Inazuma National's stamina out little by little. Coach Travis' answer is clear.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Desert Lions! Some Ardent Fighters!
Our heroes will be facing the Desert Lions. A team known for their stamina. Inazuma National should reinforce these features within their team if they ever want to win! But why is one of the players always leaving training early?

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Let's Overcome The Big Wave!
First world challenge is as tough as they expected. The strong Australian defense prevent Japan players to move freely.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 5 Now

The Curtain Is Lifted! World's Challenge!
If Inazuma National want to play at the Football Frontier International, they must win the regional qualifiers. Their first rival are Australia National team Big Waves whom plays as well as a fish swims.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 4 Now

The Cursed Coach
Inazuma National Team players are bewildered with their new coach Percival Travis. Percival was not impressed with his team saying they have no skills to play the world.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Los mejores jugadores del pa

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 2 Now

National Team Re-Union!
After playing on a Space lever, It is time to play the World. A new tournament will gather the best players from the best team.

Watch Inazuma Eleven Season 3 Episode 1 Now

Inazuma Eleven is an engaging anime series that spans 127 thought-provoking episodes and premiered on TV Tokyo from 2008 to 2011. Based on Level-5's acclaimed video game of the same name, the series exhibits an entrancing mix of Japanese animation and sports-based content, primarily revolving around football, or as it’s known in the United States, soccer. The series deftly balances elements of sports, friendship, teamwork, ambition, and the lightheartedness of school life, providing a complete entertainment package for anime and sports enthusiasts alike.

The story primarily follows the journey of Endou Mamoru or Mark Evans, as he’s known in the English version. Endou is an enthusiastic and keen footballer, the school’s goalkeeper, and captain of the Raimon Junior High School football team. The series posits Endou as the epitome of unwavering passion and persistence, brimming with infectious energy that goes on to inspire his contemporaries to keep aiming higher. His dream is to repeat the success his grandfather, Daisuke Endou, experienced; being an esteemed and renowned goalkeeper himself.

The Raimon Junior High School football team initially faces a lack of both seriousness and manpower. With the threat of disbandment hanging over their heads due to their poor performance, Endou takes on the responsibility of reviving the team. He embarks on a mission to recruit competent team members and attempts to resuscitate the dying team spirit. Each member he brings aboard significantly contributes to the overall gameplay and dynamics of the team, driving the narrative of the series further.

The series has an overarching theme of growth and development. Each episode builds on the personal and interpersonal development of characters, their resilience, and their commitment to their shared goal. Various story arcs showcase their journey, focusing on intensive physical and mental training, participation in various football championships, and the hurdles they face along the way. Their aspiration is to compete and win the coveted Football Frontier tournament, an elite competition for the best junior high school football teams across Japan.

Inazuma Eleven brilliantly juxtaposes the simplicity of everyday school life with the high-intensity setting of competitive football, which propels the narrative to exciting and unexpected directions. The series is not just about football; it explores the essence of friendship, rivalry, perseverance, and resilience, effectively contributing to the multidimensionality of the plot and the characters. The series also introduces special football techniques - reinforced by self-belief and constant training, that add a flavor of superhuman abilities and make for thrilling match sequences.

At an aesthetic level, the series effectively uses animation to build dynamic match sequences and choreograph the extraordinary football skills of the characters. The detailed animations, coupled with vibrant sound effects, and the emotionally charged background score, together enhance the viewing experience, transforming every match into a visceral, nail-biting event.

Inazuma Eleven also manages to achieve a substantial emotional depth in its storytelling. The narrative takes due time to delve into characters' backgrounds, motivations, and aspirations and explore their emotional landscapes. From joy to defeat, from the first exhilarating taste of victory to the bitter struggles of reconciling with their limitations, the series creates a profound emotional connection between viewers and characters.

In terms of content, while centred on a sports theme, the series is by no means limited to a sport-loving audience only. The underlying themes of camaraderie, self-improvement, sportsmanship, and the sheer joy of playing a beloved sport, have universal appeal. The emotional depth gives the series a relatable and human aspect, allowing it to transcend beyond just sports-oriented storytelling.

Inazuma Eleven, in the course of its broadcast period, evolved into more than just a television series. It turned into a phenomenon beloved by children and young adults alike. Its influence has spanned toy lines, comics, video games, a trading card game, and multiple sequel series, making it a successful franchise.

In conclusion, Inazuma Eleven is a remarkable series that seamlessly merges the thrills of a sports anime with the heartwarming narrative of friendship, dedication, and growth. It's endearing, empowering, and truly fun to watch!

Inazuma Eleven is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 128 episodes, the show debuted on 2008. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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