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Episodio 10
Genny has no choice: he must do what Ciro is ordering him to do. And so they set off on a final journey.

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Episodio 9
Genny is ready to go and pressures Ruggieri to find out where his son has been sent. Meanwhile, Ciro and Nunzia find new and unexpected allies willing to help them.

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Episodio 8
To win Ciro's competition, Genny forces his bosses to sell cocaine for half the price. The move seems to work, but Ciro also has something in store for Genny.

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Episodio 7
After yet another setback, Genny is forced to ask entrepreneurs for money in order to get back on his feet. In the meantime, Ciro and Nunzia receive an unexpected visit.

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Episodio 6
Ciro and the others take refuge in Forcella, but must quickly find a safer place and a new ally. Genny has put a price on their heads and it's only a matter of time.

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Episodio 5
Ciro, Enzo and the others are looking for new allies and Genny takes the opportunity to infiltrate one of his own among the enemy ranks. Meanwhile Nunzia tries to avenge her husband's death.

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Episodio 4
The Levante and 'O Galantommo team up against Genny and the bosses of Secondigliano who passed with him. Genny, however, already has a counter move ready.

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Episodio 3
While Ruggieri continues to investigate Genny, the Levante are no longer well received in Secondigliano. Genny tries to take back the neighborhood, but to do so, he needs a load of cocaine.

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Episodio 2
In Riga, Genny and Ciro are face to face again, but there is no time to talk. Ciro is in business with the Russians and now that Don Aniello is dead he needs a new broker or the agreements will be blown.

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Episodio 1
While Naples is now reduced to rubble, the war between Genny and the Levante brothers proceeds more and more bloody. But Genny is about to discover something that will change all the balance.

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Sky Atlantic's riveting crime drama series, Gomorra, is based on the internationally acclaimed novel of the same name written by Roberto Saviano. A gritty examination of the notorious Mob scene in Naples, Italy, the show draws its viewers into the murky world of organised crime, through a compelling narrative that is as complex as it is chilling.

Gomorra is an Italian language television series that premiered in 2014 and carried its raw and gripping narrative over a span of five nail-biting seasons, with the final season ending in 2021. Set primarily in the Scampia district of Naples, where high levels of unemployment, poverty, and sociopolitical disarray provide the perfect breeding ground for criminal activities, the series discusses the Camorra crime syndicate's operation in a sprawling narrative filled with violence, power, betrayal, and survival.

The series introduces us to the powerful, tight-knit Savastano family headed by the audacious Don Pietro Savastano and his loyal wife, Immacolata. At the center of the story is their son, Gennaro Savastano, initially a peripheral character, who rises to prominence as the narrative unfolds, echoing a coming-of-age story veneered with criminality and bloodshed. There is also Ciro Di Marzio, a steadfast and cunning accomplice in the Savastano clan, who evolves as an intriguing character with his own ambitions and personal dilemmas.

One of Gomorra's strengths is its raw and realistic portrayal of the Neapolitan criminal underworld, reflective of extensive research and an understanding of the region's socio-political fabric. The creators of the series achieved a realistic touch by scouting real-life locations that were seldom filmed, showcasing the true essence of Naples, far from its touristic image. More than an everyday mob drama, it's an exploration into the socioeconomic factors that give rise to organized crime.

From the cinematography to the screenplay, each aspect of the series enriches the narrative and adds layers to its portrayal of the mafia lifestyle. The series is not just about power struggles, it's also a telling portrait of the mafia system itself, indelibly marked by treachery, corruption, and the omnipresent danger that comes with it. The choice to use Neapolitan dialect, instead of standard Italian, throughout the series adds to its authenticity and lends an unmatched depth to its characters.

Each season vaguely follows a different theme, exploring various aspects of organized crime such as drug trafficking, political corruption, and territorial warfare often infused with internal power struggles within the Savastano family. Throughout its narrative, Gomorra maintains a grim and tense atmosphere that remains unbroken, reflecting the perilous and unpredictable lives of its characters.

Despite its violent and unsettling depiction of the Camorra system, Gomorra also subtly explores characters' human sides; their relationships, their personal struggles, their occasional glimpses of moral introspection contrasted against their unforgiving lifestyle. It’s a deep exploration of what drives people towards a life of crime, whether it’s need, greed, or ambition.

Gomorra's cast deliver outstanding performances, successfully bringing their complex characters to life. Marco D'Amore's portrayal of Ciro, Salvatore Esposito's Gennaro, and Fortunato Cerlino's assertive Don Pietro are highly notable and contribute to the show’s global success. The show, with its honest and commanding performances, has left an indelible mark in the genre of crime dramas, gaining international acclaim and a significant fan base.

In conclusion, Gomorra is a powerful expose of the Camorra crime syndicate in the Italian city of Naples. It brings forth an unfiltered portrayal of the Neapolitan underworld, wrapped in the precision of a carefully crafted narrative and impactful performances. It is a show that does not merely narrate a story; instead, it delivers an experience, consistently gripping and harrowing, through its exploration of the dark realities of organized crime. It is indeed its compelling authenticity and gritty realism that sets Gomorra apart from the mainstream television series.

Gomorra is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 58 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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